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L.R. Baggs Para DI Acoustic Pre-Amp with 5-band EQ – New L.R. Baggs Guitar Effect Pedal


The Para DI from L.R. Baggs is a studio quality direct box engineered to bring out the best in any pickup.

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The L.R. Baggs Para DI Acoustic Pre-Amp with 5-band EQ is in New condition and made by L.R. Baggs , it is a great Guitar Effect Pedal – The Para DI from L.R. Baggs is a studio quality direct box engineered to bring out the best in any pickup. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 279 The Para DI preamp features a five-band equalizer with tunable notch and midrange controls adjustable gain and phase inversion. A big advantage the Para DI has over conventional equalizers is the proprietary Quasi-Passive EQ circuitry which is totally transparent and allows control over instrument voicing without sacrificing tonal purity. The five-band EQ controls include treble presence and bass controls along with sweepable mid EQ and a tunable notch filter designed to help with feedback problems. The notch control can also be used as an EQ knob and has the capability to clarify a boomy or muddy tone. Slight boosts will give a thin-sounding guitar more body and acoustic sound octave range. The presence control effects hissing sounds cymbal sizzle and brightness. It provides a cut to remove PA horn glare or a boost to add life to a dull speaker. To accommodate a wide range of pickups the Para DI has 24 dB of adjustable gain for optimum performance and the lowest noise with a variety of input sources including low output pickups. The phase inversion switch for increases control over feedback. The Para DIs useful battery status LED light and an effects loop jack to provide a send-return on a stereo jack for outboard effects that allow you to blend reverb chorus or other effects in with a dry signal. For further information about the L.R. Baggs Para DI acoustic preamp please download the product manual PDF file from the link below. Press Reviews “The L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. provides excellent tonal control as well as sound quality enhancement for any acoustic guitar setup… The Para Acoustic D.I. provided a well-balanced spectrum of tone without any added distortion or hiss. It was extremely studio-quality clean”. Musicplayer.com May 2007 Features/Specifications Power Supply: 9V Battery or 30-48V Phantom Power (Not included). External battery compartment. Battery Life: Approx 200 hours Weight: Approx 0.5 kg Size: 5.6″ x 3.6″ x 1.9″ Input/Output Impedence: High input impedence 10 megohms/600ohms Gain: Adjustable from 4dB to 24dB Casing: Durable heavy duty steel


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About L.R. Baggs

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used L.R. Baggs music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

L.R. Baggs is a prominent manufacturer specializing in acoustic amplification solutions, particularly known for their acoustic guitar pickups and preamps. Established in the 1970s by Lloyd Baggs, the company has since become synonymous with high-quality, transparent sound reinforcement for acoustic instruments. L.R. Baggs’ pickups and preamps are designed to faithfully capture the natural tone of acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins, and other stringed instruments, ensuring clarity and warmth in both live and studio settings.

One of L.R. Baggs’ most popular products is the Anthem pickup system, which combines an under-saddle pickup with a microphone to achieve a balanced and natural sound. The Venue DI preamp is another standout offering, providing comprehensive tone shaping and feedback suppression capabilities for acoustic performers. With a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, L.R. Baggs continues to be a trusted choice for musicians seeking reliable and sonically superior amplification solutions for their acoustic instruments.

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