Catalinbread is a renowned boutique pedal company based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Founded in 2003 by Nicholas Harris and Howard Gee, Catalinbread has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality and innovative guitar effects pedals.

Catalinbread pedals are celebrated for their meticulous craftsmanship, distinctive designs, and exceptional sound quality. The company takes pride in meticulously crafting each pedal by hand, using premium components to ensure reliability and performance.

One of Catalinbread’s notable characteristics is its dedication to capturing vintage and classic tones while also pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. Their lineup includes a wide range of effects pedals, including overdrive, distortion, fuzz, delay, reverb, modulation, and more. Each pedal is designed to provide musicians with a unique palette of tones and textures, inspiring creativity and musical expression.

Over the years, Catalinbread has gained a devoted following among guitarists and enthusiasts who appreciate their commitment to innovation and sonic excellence. Their pedals have been used by professional musicians across various genres, cementing Catalinbread’s reputation as a trusted name in the world of boutique guitar effects.

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