NUX is a manufacturer of musical instrument effects pedals, amplifiers, and accessories, known for their innovative designs, affordable prices, and wide range of products. Based in China, NUX is one of 3 brands owned by Cherub, Nux has quickly gained recognition in the music industry for providing high-quality gear that meets the needs of musicians at various skill levels and budgets.

NUX offers a diverse lineup of effects pedals covering a wide range of tones and styles, including overdrive, distortion, delay, modulation, reverb, and more. Their pedals often feature intuitive controls, sturdy construction, and versatile sound options, making them popular among guitarists and bassists alike.

In addition to effects pedals, NUX produces a range of amplifiers and modeling units designed to provide players with versatile and reliable amplification solutions. These products offer various amp models, effects, and features in compact and affordable packages, making them suitable for practice, recording, and live performance.

With a commitment to innovation and affordability, NUX continues to expand its product lineup and gain popularity among musicians worldwide, offering a wide range of high-quality gear that inspires creativity and enhances the musical experience.

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