DOD, or Digitech/DOD Electronics, is a renowned brand in the world of audio electronics, particularly known for its effects pedals for guitars and basses. The company was founded in 1973 by David Oreste Di Francesco and John Johnson, hence the acronym DOD. Initially focusing on guitar effects pedals, DOD gained prominence with its innovative designs and affordable yet high-quality products.

Throughout its history, DOD has produced a wide range of effects pedals, including overdrive/distortion pedals, delay units, chorus and flanger pedals, and more. Their pedals often feature robust construction, simple yet effective controls, and distinctive sound characteristics. Classics like the DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250 and the DOD Stereo Chorus have become staples on pedalboards of musicians across various genres.

In 1984, DOD was acquired by Harman International Industries, which also owned other prominent audio brands like AKG, JBL, and Lexicon. Under Harman’s ownership, DOD continued to innovate and release new pedals while maintaining its reputation for providing high-quality effects at accessible prices. Though there have been shifts in ownership and product lines over the years, DOD pedals remain highly regarded by musicians seeking reliable and versatile effects for their performances and recordings.

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