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TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion – New TC Electronic Boost Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal


The TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal is going to leave an impression. Featuring a unique circuit to deliver a fresh take on clipping and some delicious distortion this mould-breaking pedal will excite and inspire. Harmonious distortion without the harsh edges. With a gain circuit thats based around two op-amps the Dark Matter provides symmetrical…

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The TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion is in New condition and made by TC Electronic , it is a great Boost Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal – The TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal is going to leave an impression. Featuring a unique circuit to deliver a fresh take on clipping and some delicious distortion this mould-breaking pedal will excite and inspire. Harmonious distortion without the harsh edges. With a gain circuit thats based around two op-amps the Dark Matter provides symmetrical clipping and articulate crunch. Thats not all it can do as you can forego the distortion entirely for a clean boost to your signal. But when you need an injection of attitude roll up the gain and enjoy smooth clipping at any level. From creamy to filthy youll love the crunch this punchy pedal provides. Give your sound some grit with the Dark Matter. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 52.2 Old school distortion Modern design vintage tone. Adding in degrees of crunch to your sound the Dark Matter can raise the roof without affecting your tone thanks to its all-analogue circuitry. This harks back to the days before digital and delivers that sought-after authentic gritty sound. Theres ample headroom and some deadly dynamics to explore with this stompbox. Ramping up the voltage more than 3-4 times the amount of a typical drive pedal results in unheard of level of sonic vivacity. Even better the inclusion of a voicing switch lets you choose between modern bite or vintage vibes. High-grade components Built for performers. This pedal is formed from some of the highest-grade components available so you can be sure the rock will never stop. Featuring a strong durable metal chassis thatll protect the internals and withstand the rowdiest of gigs you can be sure Dark Matter will be distorting your sound for years to come. It couldnt be easier to set up. With a slim profile and top mounted jacks its sure to fit on any pedalboard and reduces the time spent getting ready to perform. And when it comes to performing youll be able to sculpt your sound on-the-fly thanks to the rough dial edges that make toe-control possible. Boasting user-friendly and intuitive controls its the ultimate distortion pedal for any level of player. Specifications General Controls: Gain Level Bass Treble Voice Select Input: 1/4″ Mono Jack Output: 1/4″ Mono Jack Power Input: Standard 9 V DC Current Draw: 16mA Battery Life: Carbon: 6.5 Hours (Approx.) Alkaline: 25 Hours (Approx.) Dimensions Height: 2’’ (50 mm) Width: 2.8’’ (72 mm) Depth: 4.8’’ (122 mm) Weight: 300g (Approx.) Please Note: Pedal does not come with a DC power supply or 9V battery.


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About TC Electronic

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used TC Electronic music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

TC Electronic is a prominent manufacturer of audio processing equipment, including guitar effects pedals, studio processors, audio interfaces, and digital signal processors. Founded in Denmark in 1976 by Kim and John Rishøj, TC Electronic has earned a reputation for its high-quality, innovative products that cater to musicians, producers, and audio engineers worldwide.

TC Electronic’s product lineup includes a wide range of guitar effects pedals known for their pristine sound quality, versatility, and cutting-edge features. From classic effects like delays, reverbs, and choruses to more experimental and unique pedals, TC Electronic offers a comprehensive selection to suit various playing styles and preferences.

In addition to effects pedals, TC Electronic produces studio-quality audio processors and interfaces designed for professional recording and production applications. Their products include rack-mounted processors, mastering tools, audio interfaces, and software plugins, known for their transparent sound quality and powerful feature sets.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, TC Electronic continues to be a trusted name in the music and audio industry, providing musicians, producers, and engineers with cutting-edge tools and technology to unleash their creativity and achieve professional results.

  • Boost
  • A “boost” pedal, also known as a “clean boost,” is a type of guitar effects pedal designed to increase the volume of the guitar signal without adding significant distortion or coloration to the tone. Boost pedals are used to amplify the signal level, allowing guitarists to achieve higher volume levels or to push their amplifier into overdrive for increased saturation and sustain.

    Boost pedals typically feature a simple interface with controls for adjusting the level of boost, often represented by a single knob or a toggle switch. When engaged, the boost pedal increases the gain of the signal passing through it, effectively amplifying the sound. Unlike overdrive or distortion pedals, which introduce clipping and saturation to the signal, boost pedals aim to provide a clean and transparent volume increase.

    Boost pedals are versatile tools that can serve various purposes in a guitarist’s rig:

    1. **Volume Boost**: Boost pedals can be used to increase the volume of the guitar signal, allowing players to stand out during solos or to compensate for differences in volume between guitars or pickup settings.

    2. **Overdrive Stacking**: Boost pedals are commonly used to push the front end of an overdrive or distortion pedal, resulting in increased saturation and sustain. By placing the boost pedal before a drive pedal in the signal chain, guitarists can achieve higher levels of gain and distortion without sacrificing clarity or dynamics.

    3. **Amp Pushing**: Boost pedals can also be used to drive the input stage of a tube amplifier harder, causing the amp to naturally overdrive and produce a more saturated and harmonically rich tone. This is particularly useful for guitarists seeking to achieve classic tube amp breakup at lower volume levels.

    4. **Tone Shaping**: Some boost pedals feature EQ controls or tone shaping options, allowing guitarists to tailor the frequency response of their signal. These pedals can be used to boost specific frequencies or to shape the overall tonal characteristics of the guitar sound.

    Overall, boost pedals are essential tools for guitarists looking to enhance their tone, increase volume levels, or drive their amplifier into overdrive for added saturation and sustain. Whether used as a standalone effect or in combination with other pedals, boost pedals offer versatility and flexibility in shaping the guitar sound.

  • Distortion
  • A distortion pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal used to add gain, saturation, and harmonic distortion to the guitar signal, resulting in a more aggressive and gritty tone. Distortion pedals are widely used across various music genres, particularly in rock, metal, punk, and alternative styles, to achieve heavier and more intense guitar tones.

    Here are the key features and functions of a distortion pedal:

    1. **Gain (or Drive)**: The gain control adjusts the amount of distortion applied to the guitar signal. Increasing the gain setting increases the level of saturation and overdrive, resulting in a more distorted and aggressive tone. Lower gain settings produce a cleaner sound with less distortion.

    2. **Tone**: The tone control adjusts the frequency response of the distorted signal, allowing you to tailor the tonal characteristics of the distortion effect. Depending on the pedal, the tone control may boost or cut specific frequency ranges, such as bass, midrange, or treble, to shape the overall sound.

    3. **Level (or Output)**: The level control adjusts the overall output volume of the distorted signal. This allows you to match the level of the distorted signal with the rest of your effects chain or amplifier, ensuring consistent volume levels when engaging the pedal.

    4. **Mode (or Voice)**: Some distortion pedals feature multiple modes or voicings that offer different types of distortion or gain characteristics. These modes may include options such as “Vintage,” “Modern,” or “High Gain,” each providing a distinct tonal flavor and level of saturation.

    Distortion pedals offer several benefits and creative uses for guitarists:

    – **Increased Gain and Sustain**: By adding gain and saturation to the guitar signal, distortion pedals increase the overall volume and sustain of the instrument, allowing notes and chords to ring out longer and with more intensity.

    – **Tonal Shaping**: Distortion pedals often include tone controls that allow you to shape the frequency response of the distorted signal. This allows you to dial in the desired amount of bass, midrange, and treble to suit your playing style and musical preferences.

    – **Emphasis of Harmonics**: Distortion pedals emphasize the harmonics and overtones present in the guitar signal, resulting in a richer, more complex tone with added depth and character. This can make lead lines and solos stand out and cut through the mix more effectively.

    – **Versatility and Flexibility**: Distortion pedals come in a wide range of styles and voicings, from mild overdrive to high-gain distortion. This versatility allows you to choose a pedal that best suits your playing style, musical genre, and tonal preferences.

    Overall, distortion pedals are essential tools for guitarists seeking to achieve heavier, more aggressive, and saturated tones. Whether used subtly to add warmth and edge to clean tones or used more aggressively to create crushing distortion, distortion pedals can enhance your guitar tone and bring new dimensions to your playing.

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