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Electro Harmonix Walking On the Moon Ananlogue Flanger / Filter – New Electro Harmonix Flanger Analogue Chorus EQ Guitar Effect Pedal


The Electro Harmonix Walking on the Moon Analogue Flanger/Filter is a tribute to the iconic tones of Andy Summers guitarist of the Police. Designed to replicate the shimmering effects that defined Andys sound this pedal delivers liquid flange with added depth and nuance reminiscent of chorus harmonics. By disengaging the LFO from the flanger circuit…

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The Electro Harmonix Walking On the Moon Ananlogue Flanger / Filter is in New condition and made by Electro Harmonix , it is a great Flanger Analogue Chorus EQ Guitar Effect Pedal – The Electro Harmonix Walking on the Moon Analogue Flanger/Filter is a tribute to the iconic tones of Andy Summers guitarist of the Police. Designed to replicate the shimmering effects that defined Andys sound this pedal delivers liquid flange with added depth and nuance reminiscent of chorus harmonics. By disengaging the LFO from the flanger circuit you can freeze it and obtain a fixed filter effect adding chime or metallic overtones without the traditional modulation movement. Equipped with a user-friendly control set the Walking on the Moon allows you to customise your modulation. Featured is a rate and colour allow you to adjust the speed of modulation and intensity of the output. And with a dedicated dry output the Walking on the Moon allows you to separate your dry signal offering more flexibility in mixing and blending your sounds. Featuring special artist edition graphics bearing Andy Summers signature this pedal is a true collectors item. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 111 Shape your desired sound Featuring a simple yet powerful control set the Walking on the Moon gives you the ability to shape and sculpt your modulation effects. Its rate sets the speed of the modulation allowing you to dial in anything from slow and smooth filter sweeps to vibrant and jittery vibrato. This determines the width of the effect enabling you to choose between narrow and focused sweeps or wider sweeps that encompass the lower bass frequencies. Additionally its colour handles the intensity of the flanger effect ranging from subtle chorusing to iconic jet woosh sounds. These three controls work together harmoniously providing you with a versatile range of modulation effects to explore. Explore the matrix Adding a unique twist to your tone the Walking on the Moon pedal includes a filter/matrix feature. By disengaging the LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) you can freeze the effect for a fixed filter and add a beautiful chime. Whats more the dedicated dry output allows you to separate your dry signal from the affected signal offering greater control over your overall sound. This feature opens up a world of sonic possibilities and allows musicians to create captivating and dynamic guitar tones with ease. Celebrate Andy Summers iconic tones Andy Summers the iconic guitarist of The Police has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his remarkable career and distinctive playing style. As a founding member of The Police Summers contributed to the bands global success and helped shape their unique sound. His intricate and atmospheric guitar work became a signature element of his music blending elements of rock reggae and punk. Summers ability to create melodic yet edgy guitar lines coupled with his innovative use of effects and textures set him apart as a true guitar virtuoso. His contributions to songs like “Message in a Bottle” “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take” have become timeless classics forever etching his name in music history. Even beyond his tenure with The Police Summers continued to push artistic boundaries through his solo work and collaborations demonstrating his versatility and mastery as a musician. With his captivating stage presence unique playing style and unparalleled talent Andy Summers remains an iconic figure in the music industry inspiring generations of guitarists and leaving an everlasting impact on the world of music. Specifications Product Code: ANDYS Power Supply: 9.6VDC-200mA Power Adaptor (Included) Current Draw: 40mA Polarity: Centre-Negative Input Impedance: 600k Ohms Input Signal: 0dBu (Before Clipping) Output Impedance: 5.5k Ohms Output Signal: +4dB Circuit: Analogue Bypass: True Audio: Mono Controls: Colour Range Rate Filter/Matrix Dimensions: 4.75 x 4 x 2.25 Inches


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Electro-Harmonix (EHX) is a legendary manufacturer of guitar pedals and audio electronics, renowned for their distinctive sound and pioneering designs. Established in 1968 by Mike Matthews, EHX has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of effects pedals. The company’s pedals are celebrated for their innovative circuits and unique tones, earning them a dedicated following among musicians across genres. From classics like the Big Muff Pi fuzz to modern favorites like the POG octave generator, Electro-Harmonix pedals are known for their versatility and sonic character.

EHX’s product lineup spans a wide range of effects categories, including distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb, among others. Their pedals often feature intuitive controls and rugged construction, making them suitable for both stage and studio use. In addition to their iconic standalone pedals, Electro-Harmonix has also produced notable units such as the Memory Man delay/echo and the Holy Grail reverb, which have become staples in many guitarist’s rigs. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Electro-Harmonix continues to be a leading force in the world of guitar effects, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic possibilities.

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  • Chorus
  • A “chorus” pedal is a type of modulation effect used in guitar and bass playing to create a rich, swirling sound that simulates the effect of multiple instruments playing the same part simultaneously. Chorus pedals are popular for adding depth, warmth, and movement to the guitar tone, and they are widely used across various music genres, from rock and pop to jazz and ambient.

    Chorus pedals work by splitting the guitar signal into two identical paths. One path remains unaffected, while the other path is slightly delayed and modulated in pitch. The modulated signal is then mixed back with the original signal, creating the characteristic “shimmering” effect associated with chorus.

    Key features of chorus pedals include:

    1. **Rate**: This controls the speed at which the modulated signal’s pitch fluctuates, determining how quickly the chorus effect cycles.

    2. **Depth**: Also known as intensity or mix, this adjusts the amount of modulation applied to the delayed signal. Higher depth settings produce a more pronounced and noticeable chorus effect.

    3. **Delay Time**: Some chorus pedals allow you to adjust the delay time, which affects the perceived width and depth of the chorus effect. Longer delay times create a more spacious and immersive sound.

    4. **Tone or EQ**: Many chorus pedals include tone or EQ controls to shape the frequency response of the chorus effect. These controls allow you to tailor the tone of the chorus to suit your preferences or match the characteristics of your guitar and amplifier.

    Chorus pedals can be used in various ways to enhance your playing:

    – **Thickening**: Adding a subtle chorus effect to your guitar tone can thicken it, making it sound fuller and more expansive. This is particularly useful for filling out the sound in a band mix or creating a lush, layered texture in ambient music.

    – **Clean Tones**: Chorus pedals are often used with clean or lightly overdriven guitar tones to add sparkle and dimension. They can impart a sense of movement and depth to simple chord progressions or arpeggios, making them sound more dynamic and expressive.

    – **Lead Tones**: When applied to lead guitar lines or solos, chorus pedals can add a touch of modulation that helps the notes stand out and sound more vibrant. This can be especially effective for achieving a “shimmering” quality in melodic passages.

    Overall, chorus pedals are versatile tools that can add depth, warmth, and character to your guitar tone. Whether you’re aiming for subtle enhancement or bold modulation effects, a chorus pedal can be a valuable addition to your pedalboard.

  • EQ
  • While Ed Sheeran primarily relies on the natural sound of his acoustic guitar and vocals, he occasionally uses EQ (Equalization) to shape and enhance his tone during live performances or in the studio. EQ pedals or onboard preamps can allow him to adjust the frequency response of his guitar signal to suit the acoustics of different venues or to achieve specific tonal characteristics. Here’s how EQ might be utilized in Ed Sheeran’s setup:

    1. **Tonal Shaping**: EQ can be used to adjust the balance of frequencies in the guitar signal, allowing Ed Sheeran to shape his tone to his liking. For example, he might boost the midrange frequencies to bring out the warmth and presence of his acoustic guitar, or cut certain frequencies to reduce any harshness or mud in the sound.

    2. **Feedback Control**: In a live setting, EQ can help control feedback by notching out problematic frequencies that might cause the guitar signal to feed back through the amplification system. This can be particularly useful when performing in venues with challenging acoustics or high volume levels.

    3. **Room Correction**: In situations where the venue’s acoustics are less than ideal, EQ can be used to compensate for any deficiencies in the sound. By adjusting the EQ settings, Ed Sheeran can tailor the guitar tone to sound more balanced and natural, regardless of the room’s acoustic properties.

    4. **Matching Gear**: EQ can also be used to match the tone of Ed Sheeran’s guitar to the sound of other instruments or equipment in his setup. For example, he might adjust the EQ to complement the tonal characteristics of his vocal microphone or to blend seamlessly with backing tracks or other instruments.

    Overall, while EQ may not be a central component of Ed Sheeran’s guitar effects setup, it can still play a valuable role in shaping his tone and ensuring that he achieves the desired sound in different performance environments. Whether used subtly for tonal shaping or more aggressively for feedback control, EQ allows Ed Sheeran to tailor his guitar tone to suit his musical vision and performance needs.

  • Flanger
  • A flanger is a type of guitar effects pedal used to create a swirling, whooshing sound by modulating the phase of an audio signal. It works by combining the original signal with a slightly delayed and modulated version of itself. As the two signals interact, they create peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum, resulting in the characteristic “jet plane” or “swooshing” sound associated with flanging.

    Key features of a flanger pedal include:

    1. **Rate**: Controls the speed at which the delayed signal is modulated. Higher rates produce faster modulation, while lower rates create slower, more subtle effects.

    2. **Depth**: Adjusts the intensity of the modulation effect. Higher depth settings result in more pronounced sweeps, while lower settings produce a gentler effect.

    3. **Manual (or Range)**: Sets the center frequency of the modulation. This control allows you to focus the effect on specific frequency ranges, altering the tonal character of the flanging.

    4. **Feedback (or Regeneration)**: Determines the amount of modulated signal that is fed back into the effect. Increasing feedback can create more pronounced peaks and troughs, resulting in a more intense effect.

    Flanger pedals are commonly used in various music genres, including rock, metal, and psychedelic music, to add movement, depth, and texture to guitar tones. They can be used subtly to add a touch of modulation and dimension to a guitar sound, or more prominently to create dramatic swirling effects. Overall, flanger pedals offer guitarists a versatile tool for shaping and enhancing their tone, adding a dynamic and expressive element to their playing.

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