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Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper – Secondhand – New Electro Harmonix Looper Delay Guitar Effect Pedal


Inspection notes: This Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper is in full working order and in excellent condition. This product is secondhand. It has been inspected by our team of product experts to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.

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The Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper – Secondhand is in New condition and made by Electro Harmonix , it is a great Looper Delay Guitar Effect Pedal – Inspection notes: This Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper is in full working order and in excellent condition. This product is secondhand. It has been inspected by our team of product experts to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 219 A pedal youll never get bored of There arent many pedals in existence that give you such a massive range of choice. You can experiment with delay in more ways than ever thanks to the Grand Canyons 13 different modes. Enjoy gorgeous natural-sounding echo. Apply complex-sounding reverse delay with ease. Shift your pitch and add digital delay. Theres even a tap tempo feature to ensure your timing stays precise. The list goes on and on. No matter your playing style or genre youll find a voice thats perfect for your music. Make your sound massive The Electro Harmonix Grand Canyon features a looper mode that gives you up to 16 minutes of recording time allowing you to record plenty of your magnificent delay effects and store them for later use. There are also unlimited overdubs meaning you can build and layer a track as much as you like. You can make a single guitar line sound like an entire orchestra. Capture immense sound. The perfect addition to your pedalboard A unit to comfortably slot into your effects collection. Youll be able to add the Grand Canyon into even the fullest of pedalboards thanks to its top-mounted jacks. This means the pedal can easily sit flush against other units on your pedalboard minimising the space it takes up. This gives you the freedom to grow your collection even further. Although with the extreme power and versatility of the Grand Canyon you might decide that you dont need to. Crafted by the kings of effects Made by the best. Electro Harmonix founded in New York City in 1968 have rightfully earned their place in the history of popular music. Their effects boxes have been heard in the music of some of the industrys greatest artists for 50 years. Their initial breakthrough came with the invention of the Big Muff Pi pedal in 1969. This top-quality high-clarity fuzzbox was quickly adopted by Jimi Hendrix. He would use the pedal to craft the iconic fuzz-driven sound that he became synonymous with at the end of his career. Electro Harmonix had already passed into rock legend and theyd barely been around a year. They continued to release pedals that were considered the best on the market. As such the list of esteemed artists who were Electro Harmonix fans speedily grew. You can track their pedals through some of the best music released across the decades. Pink Floyd in the 70s. New Order and U2 in the 80s. Then Red Hot Chili Peppers Nirvana Oasis Radiohead and more. All the way up to the present day with Jack White and Arctic Monkeys. Electro Harmonix are the effects masters. Its time to experience why. Modes Echo: 24-bit digital delay with bit crush/sample rate reduction and low/high pass filtering Mod: Modulated delay yields flanger chorus vibrato and more Multi: Multi-tap delay set the exact number of echo repeats up to 31 Reverse: Reverse delay with an intelligent pluck detection algorithm DMM: Deluxe Memory Man recreates the tone of the EHX bucket-brigade delay pedal Tape: Tape delay simulates analog tape echo including tape distortion wow and flutter Reverb: Lush plate reverb plus echo Pitch: Polyphonic pitch shifting plus digital delay creates pitch-shifted echoes Shim: Shimmer generates a rich octave-shifted wash Sample/Hold: Sample and hold senses a note being plucked and produces echoes indefinitely until another note is detected Drum: Magnetic drum echo that emulates a classic Binson Echorec-style delay Double: Thickens up a mono signal or creates a stereo spread Looper: Looper with up to 16 minutes of recording time. Includes unlimited overdubs undo/redo dedicated stop button loop fade-out reverse and speed adjust Features Time-based multi-effects and looper pedal for guitar bass and keyboards 13 onboard effects types including tape Deluxe Memory Man and reverse Looper function offers up to 16 minutes of loop recording Tap Div button chooses rhythmic subdivisions for the tap tempo Knobs also control secondary features such as modulation On-the-fly tap tempo Specifications Pedal Type: Delay/Looper Manufacturers: Electro Harmonix Colour: White Graphic: Grand Canyon Power Supply: EHX 9.6V DC 200mA Power Supply (Included) Current Draw: 150mA at 9V DC Dimensions: 4.75″ x 4″ x 2.25″ Product Code: GRAND CANYON


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About Electro Harmonix

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Electro Harmonix music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Electro-Harmonix (EHX) is a legendary manufacturer of guitar pedals and audio electronics, renowned for their distinctive sound and pioneering designs. Established in 1968 by Mike Matthews, EHX has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of effects pedals. The company’s pedals are celebrated for their innovative circuits and unique tones, earning them a dedicated following among musicians across genres. From classics like the Big Muff Pi fuzz to modern favorites like the POG octave generator, Electro-Harmonix pedals are known for their versatility and sonic character.

EHX’s product lineup spans a wide range of effects categories, including distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb, among others. Their pedals often feature intuitive controls and rugged construction, making them suitable for both stage and studio use. In addition to their iconic standalone pedals, Electro-Harmonix has also produced notable units such as the Memory Man delay/echo and the Holy Grail reverb, which have become staples in many guitarist’s rigs. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Electro-Harmonix continues to be a leading force in the world of guitar effects, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic possibilities.

  • Delay
  • A delay pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal used to create echoes or repetitions of the original guitar signal. It achieves this by capturing the input signal, delaying it by a specified amount of time, and then playing it back. Delay pedals are versatile tools that can add depth, dimension, and ambience to guitar tones, and they are widely used across various music genres, from rock and blues to ambient and experimental.

    Here are the key features and functions of a delay pedal:

    1. **Delay Time**: This control adjusts the amount of time between the original signal and the delayed signal. Longer delay times result in more pronounced echoes, while shorter delay times produce tighter, slapback-style effects.

    2. **Feedback (or Regeneration)**: The feedback control determines the number of repeats or echoes produced by the delay pedal. Increasing the feedback setting results in multiple repeats, creating a cascading effect of echoes. Careful adjustment of the feedback control allows you to dial in the desired amount of repetition without overwhelming the original signal.

    3. **Mix (or Blend)**: The mix control adjusts the balance between the original (dry) signal and the delayed (wet) signal. Higher mix settings emphasize the delayed signal, while lower mix settings maintain the clarity and integrity of the original signal. This control allows you to blend the delayed signal with the dry signal to achieve the desired balance and level of effect.

    4. **Tap Tempo**: Some delay pedals feature a tap tempo function that allows you to set the delay time by tapping a button in rhythm with the music. This feature is particularly useful for synchronizing the delay effect with the tempo of a song or performance.

    5. **Modulation**: Many delay pedals include modulation controls that add modulation effects, such as chorus or vibrato, to the delayed signal. Modulation can add warmth, depth, and movement to the delay effect, creating a more immersive and dynamic sound.

    Delay pedals offer several creative uses and applications for guitarists:

    – **Spatial Effects**: By adjusting the delay time, feedback, and mix controls, delay pedals can create spacious, atmospheric effects that simulate the sound of a room, hall, or cavern. These effects add depth and dimension to guitar tones, creating a sense of space and ambience.

    – **Rhythmic Patterns**: By syncing the delay time with the tempo of a song using tap tempo or preset rhythmic subdivisions, delay pedals can produce rhythmic patterns and textures that enhance the groove and feel of a performance.

    – **Texture and Movement**: By introducing modulation effects to the delayed signal, delay pedals can add texture, movement, and character to guitar tones. Modulated delays create swirling, shimmering effects that enrich the sound and captivate the listener’s ear.

    Overall, delay pedals are versatile tools that offer a wide range of creative possibilities for guitarists. Whether used subtly to add depth and ambience or used more prominently to create rhythmic patterns and textures, delay pedals can enhance your guitar tone and inspire new musical ideas.

  • Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Looper
  • A looper pedal is a versatile tool used by guitarists to record and playback musical phrases in real-time. It allows musicians to layer multiple parts, create loops, and build entire arrangements on the fly. Looper pedals come in various configurations and offer different features, but they typically include the following functionalities:

    1. **Recording**: A looper pedal enables users to record a musical phrase by pressing a dedicated footswitch. Once the recording is initiated, the pedal captures the incoming audio signal from the guitar or other instrument and loops it back continuously.

    2. **Playback**: After recording a loop, the looper pedal plays back the recorded audio continuously in a seamless loop. This allows musicians to accompany themselves or create layered arrangements by adding additional musical parts on top of the original loop.

    3. **Overdubbing**: In addition to recording and playing back loops, looper pedals often feature overdubbing functionality, which allows users to layer additional recordings on top of existing loops. Musicians can continuously add new musical parts to the loop, building up complex arrangements in real-time.

    4. **Undo/Redo**: Many looper pedals include an undo/redo function, which allows users to remove the last recorded overdub or restore it if needed. This feature provides flexibility and allows for experimentation during live performances or recording sessions.

    5. **Stop/Clear**: Looper pedals typically include a stop/clear footswitch that allows users to stop playback and clear the recorded loop from memory. This enables musicians to start fresh with a new recording or transition to a different musical section during a performance.

    6. **Loop Length Control**: Some advanced looper pedals offer the ability to control the length of the recorded loop. Users can specify the length of the loop in measures or seconds, allowing for precise control over the timing and structure of the looped arrangement.

    7. **Built-in Effects**: Some looper pedals feature built-in effects such as reverse playback, half-speed playback, or pitch shifting, which can add creative possibilities and sonic experimentation to the looping process.

    Looper pedals are widely used by guitarists and other musicians for various applications, including live performance, songwriting, practice sessions, and studio recording. They provide a convenient and intuitive way to create, layer, and manipulate musical ideas in real-time, making them an essential tool for creative expression and musical exploration.

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