TC Helicon

TC-Helicon is a prominent manufacturer specializing in vocal processing pedals and effects for singers and vocalists. Established as a subdivision of TC Electronic, TC-Helicon has focused on developing innovative tools specifically tailored to enhance vocal performances. Their product range includes vocal harmonizers, pitch correction pedals, vocal loopers, and multi-effects processors designed to empower vocalists with studio-quality effects in live settings.

TC-Helicon’s pedals are recognized for their user-friendly interfaces, high-quality sound, and extensive feature sets. Whether it’s creating lush vocal harmonies, adding reverb and delay effects, or correcting pitch imperfections in real-time, TC-Helicon pedals offer a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate vocal performances. With a commitment to advancing vocal processing technology, TC-Helicon continues to be a go-to choice for singers seeking to enhance their sound and creativity both on stage and in the studio.

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