it’s just one guy on a bike and that’s not even him.

JustPedals established in 2024

I have been delivering pedals all over the world for the last 20 years. now I am doing it differently bringing together different retailers and marketplaces that serve up delicious pedals, and different flavours from all over the world.

order online today with just pedals and it will be with you in a jiffy.

or maybe a box.

JustPedals was founded by David Grant, Manchester’s most unconventional entrepreneur. Grant, the mastermind behind innovations like the UltraDisk voice recorder, Veloset GPS bicycle computer, and the JOYO UK brand of guitar effects, navigated the tumultuous waters of e-commerce from 1999 to 2022 AD. His strategy involved creating affordable electronics by replicating high-quality products at lower costs through collaborations with engineers in China.

For a time, Grant reigned supreme, but the convergence of COVID-19, Brexit, and his own missteps led to a downturn. Was he ousted by external forces, deceived by unscrupulous competitors, or did he succumb to the chaos of political decisions beyond his control?

Following a period of introspection and therapy, Grant resurfaces, determined to reclaim his passion. Despite losing his fortune and grappling with personal turmoil, he mounts his metaphorical bicycle, refusing to relinquish his drive and expertise in online commerce.

With scant resources and a hazy roadmap, Grant returns to his roots, pedaling pedals on his marketplace, JustPedals. Once dubbed a mere “peddler” of his wares, he embraces the role anew, offering a platform where pedals can be sold, bought, or disregarded entirely.

His mantra: indifference to the whims of others and a reminder that when the fun ceases, it’s best to dismount and depart.