Orange Amplifiers is a renowned British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and effects pedals, known for their distinctive sound, bold design, and legendary reliability. Established in 1968 by Clifford Cooper, the company has become synonymous with high-quality amplification solutions for guitarists worldwide.

Orange amplifiers are characterized by their vibrant orange-colored tolex covering, rugged construction, and unmistakable tone. The company’s product lineup includes a wide range of amplifiers catering to different playing styles and preferences, from the classic British crunch of the Orange Rockerverb series to the vintage-inspired tones of the Orange OR series. Additionally, Orange offers a variety of speaker cabinets, including their iconic PPC series, renowned for their robust construction and premium Celestion speakers.

In addition to amplifiers and speaker cabinets, Orange produces a range of effects pedals designed to complement their amplification systems. These pedals offer guitarists a variety of tonal options, from classic overdrive and distortion to modulation and delay effects. The Orange Crush series of pedals, in particular, has gained popularity for their versatility and sound quality.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and iconic design, Orange continues to be a respected name in the guitar amplifier industry, providing guitarists with reliable and inspiring amplification solutions that deliver exceptional tone and performance in any musical setting.

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