Hermida Audio

Hermida Audio is a boutique pedal company founded by Alfonso Hermida, known for its high-quality guitar effects pedals designed to deliver exceptional tone and versatility. Based in California, USA, Hermida Audio gained recognition for its meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and commitment to sonic excellence.

One of Hermida Audio’s most acclaimed pedals is the Zendrive, an overdrive pedal that became highly sought after for its ability to emulate the warm, responsive tones of a cranked tube amplifier. The Zendrive gained popularity among guitarists seeking transparent overdrive with dynamic touch sensitivity, making it a staple on pedalboards of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

In addition to the Zendrive, Hermida Audio offered a range of other pedals, including the Mosferatu distortion pedal and the Dover Drive overdrive pedal. Each pedal was meticulously designed and handcrafted to deliver premium sound quality and exceptional performance in a variety of musical settings.

While Hermida Audio was active in the pedal market for several years, the company ceased production in the mid-2010s. Despite this, Hermida Audio pedals remain highly regarded among guitarists for their exceptional tone, build quality, and unique sonic character, with used units often sought after on the vintage and boutique pedal market.

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