Empress Effects is a renowned Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality audio effects pedals and studio equipment. Founded in 2005 by Steve Bragg and Steve Flett, Empress Effects has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, and exceptional sound quality.

Empress Effects pedals are celebrated for their versatility and cutting-edge features, offering a wide range of effects to meet the needs of musicians across various genres. From overdrive and distortion to modulation, delay, reverb, and beyond, Empress pedals are known for their pristine sound quality, intuitive controls, and robust build.

One of Empress Effects’ standout products is the Empress Reverb, a highly acclaimed reverb pedal that boasts an extensive array of reverberation algorithms, customizable parameters, and studio-grade sound quality. With its versatility and studio-quality effects, the Empress Reverb has become a staple on the pedalboards of many professional musicians and recording engineers.

In addition to effects pedals, Empress Effects also offers a range of studio equipment, including the Empress Echosystem, a powerful multi-effects pedal that combines delay and reverb algorithms in a single unit, and the Empress Zoia, a modular synthesizer pedal that allows musicians to create custom effects and signal chains using a graphical interface.

Empress Effects’ commitment to quality and innovation has earned the company a loyal following among musicians and audio professionals worldwide. With their dedication to pushing the boundaries of pedal design and sound exploration, Empress Effects continues to be a leading name in the industry, inspiring musicians to unleash their creativity and elevate their sound.

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