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80 s Aria AOC-1 Octave pedal Black / Purple – used Aria Octave Guitar Effect Pedal


A Octave Guitar Effect Pedal – I ve had some fun with this one. MIJ 80 s pedal (very OC-2 ish)

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The 80 s Aria AOC-1 Octave pedal Black / Purple is in used condition and made by Aria , it is a great Octave Black / Purple Guitar Effect Pedal – I ve had some fun with this one. MIJ 80 s pedal (very OC-2 ish) . Available from Just Pedals for only 100 (+delivery)


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About Aria

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Aria music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Historically, Aria has offered a range of pedals such as overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, and other essential effects. These pedals aimed to complement Aria’s guitars and provide players with a complete solution for tone shaping and sonic exploration.

While specific details about Aria’s past pedal lineup is scarce, vintage Aria pedals still hold value for collectors and players interested in exploring the brand’s historical contributions to the pedal market. If you’re interested in Aria’s vintage pedals, check these lovely ones out.

  • Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Octave
  • An octave pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal that generates tones one or two octaves above or below the original signal. This effect can create a wide range of sonic textures, from thickening the sound to adding harmonies and creating synthetic basslines. Here’s how octave pedals work and some common features:

    1. **Octave Up/Down**: Octave pedals typically offer the option to generate tones one octave above (octave up) or below (octave down) the original signal. Some advanced pedals may even offer both octave up and down simultaneously for more versatility.

    2. **Blend Control**: Many octave pedals include a blend control, allowing you to adjust the mix between the original signal and the octave-generated signal. This feature enables you to dial in the perfect balance between the two for your desired effect.

    3. **Tracking**: Tracking refers to how accurately the pedal follows the input signal and generates the octave. Higher-quality octave pedals have better tracking, meaning they accurately reproduce the pitch of the original note without latency or glitching.

    4. **Polyphonic vs. Monophonic**: Some octave pedals are polyphonic, meaning they can accurately track multiple notes and chords played simultaneously. Monophonic pedals, on the other hand, work best with single notes and may struggle with chords.

    5. **Sub-Octave**: In addition to octave up and down, some octave pedals offer a sub-octave effect, generating tones two octaves below the original signal. This can create deep, bass-like tones and add richness to your sound.

    6. **Effects Loop**: Some octave pedals include an effects loop, allowing you to place other effects before or after the octave effect in the signal chain. This can open up creative possibilities for combining octave effects with other modulation or time-based effects.

    7. **Expression Pedal Compatibility**: Certain octave pedals are compatible with expression pedals, which allow you to control parameters such as octave blend, pitch bend, or even the interval of the generated octave in real-time using your foot.

    Octave pedals are widely used in various music genres, including rock, funk, jazz, and experimental music. Guitarists use them to create unique sounds, emulate basslines, and add depth and dimension to their playing. Whether you’re looking to thicken your tone, create harmonies, or explore new sonic territories, an octave pedal can be a valuable addition to your pedalboard.

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