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Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal – New Vox EQ Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal


The Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal is a musical six-band EQ pedal for shaping and sculpting your tone. With frequency bands at 100Hz 250Hz 570Hz 800Hz 2.2kHz and 5.6kHz each with +/- 10dB of gain per band the Tone Sculptor gives you the control to cut through mixes during solos tighten your…

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The Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal is in New condition and made by Vox , it is a great EQ Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal – The Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal is a musical six-band EQ pedal for shaping and sculpting your tone. With frequency bands at 100Hz 250Hz 570Hz 800Hz 2.2kHz and 5.6kHz each with +/- 10dB of gain per band the Tone Sculptor gives you the control to cut through mixes during solos tighten your tones or add sparkle to your chords. Featuring a wider Q width when compared to other EQ pedals the Tone Sculptor allows for more musical adjustments to carve a space in the mix for your guitar. Built with Nutube technology the integrated preamp can utilise the +/- 12dB output gain to provide a musical distortion that adds character and depth to your tone. Vox engineered a dedicated buffered bypass circuit that works harmoniously with Nutube to ensure the best performance. When in bypass the pedal responds and feels just like plugging directly into your amplifier to maintain signal integrity even when plugging into extra-long cables. When the pedal is engaged the buffer circuit combines with Nutubes distinctive compression resulting in an effortless and nuanced playing experience. All of this is packed into a compact single-pedal design with a beautiful etched finish that will look the part on any pedalboard youre plugging into! . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 9999 Newly developed buffer circuit The Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal is equipped with a newly developed buffer circuit that allows it to fully harness the potential of Nutube the next-generation tube technology. This buffer circuit acts as the entry point for your guitar ensuring a high-quality signal with a natural response and a light feel. When the effects are deactivated the Nutube functions as a buffered bypass providing a direct connection between your guitar and amp that feels just like plugging in a 3-meter shield. When the effects are activated the buffers traits work in harmony with Nutubes distinctive compression resulting in a playing experience that is both easy and nuanced enhancing your performance in every way. Sound-inspired etched design The top panel of the Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal features an etched design inspired by the unique sound of the pedal. The etched design adds a cool and distinctive touch to your pedalboard making it stand out from the crowd. Not only does this pedal excel in its sound quality but also in its visual appeal making it a great addition to your collection. Ultimate tone sculpting power With the Vox Valvenergy Tone Sculptor Tube Preamp Equalizer Pedal you have the ultimate power to sculpt your tone exactly as you desire. This pedal provides you with comprehensive control over your sound allowing you to shape and refine it to perfection. The onboard equalizer gives you precise control over the frequency response while the tube preamp adds warmth and depth to your sound. Whether youre looking to boost your mids tighten up your low end or add some sweet tube saturation this pedal has got you covered. Its the perfect tool for guitarists who want to take their tone to the next level. FeaturesSix-band EQ pedal with bands set at 100Hz 250Hz 570Hz 800Hz 2.2kHz and 5.6kHz Each band has +/- 10dB of adjustment for huge tonal sculpting Output level features +/- 12dB of adjustment to push your output stage into saturation and compression Wide Q-width per band offers more musical results than other EQ pedals Powered by Nutube technology for maximum sonic fidelity Newly-designed buffered bypass technology maintains high-quality and responsive signal when the pedal is in bypass akin to plugging directly into your amplifier Beautifully etched chassis looks great on any pedalboardSpecificationsInputs/Outputs: Input: Monaural phone jack Output: Monaural phone jack Power: DC.9V terminal Power Supply: 9V alkaline batteries (6LF22/6LR62) or DC.9V AC adapter (both sold separately) Dimensions: 72mm x 120mm x 55mm (W x D x H) Weight: 300 g (excluding batteries) Product Code: VE-TS


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We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Vox music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Vox is a renowned manufacturer of musical instruments, amplifiers, and effects pedals, known for their iconic designs, vintage-inspired tones, and rich history in the music industry. Founded in 1957 by Thomas Walter Jennings and Dick Denney in the United Kingdom, Vox quickly became synonymous with the British Invasion sound of the 1960s, with artists like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones popularizing Vox amplifiers worldwide.

Vox amplifiers are characterized by their distinctive aesthetic, including the iconic diamond grille cloth and chrome-accented control panel. The company’s product lineup includes a variety of amplifiers catering to different styles and preferences, from the classic Vox AC30 and AC15 tube amps to the modern modeling amplifiers like the Vox Valvetronix series.

In addition to amplifiers, Vox produces a range of effects pedals designed to capture the vintage tones that made Vox famous. The Vox Wah pedal, in particular, has become an iconic piece of guitar gear, known for its expressive sweep and distinctive sound. Vox also offers a variety of other effects pedals, including overdrive, distortion, delay, and modulation pedals, designed to provide guitarists with a wide range of tonal options.

With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Vox continues to be a respected name in the music industry, providing musicians with inspiring amplifiers and effects pedals that capture the timeless tones of the past while offering modern features and reliability for today’s players.

  • Distortion
  • A distortion pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal used to add gain, saturation, and harmonic distortion to the guitar signal, resulting in a more aggressive and gritty tone. Distortion pedals are widely used across various music genres, particularly in rock, metal, punk, and alternative styles, to achieve heavier and more intense guitar tones.

    Here are the key features and functions of a distortion pedal:

    1. **Gain (or Drive)**: The gain control adjusts the amount of distortion applied to the guitar signal. Increasing the gain setting increases the level of saturation and overdrive, resulting in a more distorted and aggressive tone. Lower gain settings produce a cleaner sound with less distortion.

    2. **Tone**: The tone control adjusts the frequency response of the distorted signal, allowing you to tailor the tonal characteristics of the distortion effect. Depending on the pedal, the tone control may boost or cut specific frequency ranges, such as bass, midrange, or treble, to shape the overall sound.

    3. **Level (or Output)**: The level control adjusts the overall output volume of the distorted signal. This allows you to match the level of the distorted signal with the rest of your effects chain or amplifier, ensuring consistent volume levels when engaging the pedal.

    4. **Mode (or Voice)**: Some distortion pedals feature multiple modes or voicings that offer different types of distortion or gain characteristics. These modes may include options such as “Vintage,” “Modern,” or “High Gain,” each providing a distinct tonal flavor and level of saturation.

    Distortion pedals offer several benefits and creative uses for guitarists:

    – **Increased Gain and Sustain**: By adding gain and saturation to the guitar signal, distortion pedals increase the overall volume and sustain of the instrument, allowing notes and chords to ring out longer and with more intensity.

    – **Tonal Shaping**: Distortion pedals often include tone controls that allow you to shape the frequency response of the distorted signal. This allows you to dial in the desired amount of bass, midrange, and treble to suit your playing style and musical preferences.

    – **Emphasis of Harmonics**: Distortion pedals emphasize the harmonics and overtones present in the guitar signal, resulting in a richer, more complex tone with added depth and character. This can make lead lines and solos stand out and cut through the mix more effectively.

    – **Versatility and Flexibility**: Distortion pedals come in a wide range of styles and voicings, from mild overdrive to high-gain distortion. This versatility allows you to choose a pedal that best suits your playing style, musical genre, and tonal preferences.

    Overall, distortion pedals are essential tools for guitarists seeking to achieve heavier, more aggressive, and saturated tones. Whether used subtly to add warmth and edge to clean tones or used more aggressively to create crushing distortion, distortion pedals can enhance your guitar tone and bring new dimensions to your playing.

  • EQ
  • While Ed Sheeran primarily relies on the natural sound of his acoustic guitar and vocals, he occasionally uses EQ (Equalization) to shape and enhance his tone during live performances or in the studio. EQ pedals or onboard preamps can allow him to adjust the frequency response of his guitar signal to suit the acoustics of different venues or to achieve specific tonal characteristics. Here’s how EQ might be utilized in Ed Sheeran’s setup:

    1. **Tonal Shaping**: EQ can be used to adjust the balance of frequencies in the guitar signal, allowing Ed Sheeran to shape his tone to his liking. For example, he might boost the midrange frequencies to bring out the warmth and presence of his acoustic guitar, or cut certain frequencies to reduce any harshness or mud in the sound.

    2. **Feedback Control**: In a live setting, EQ can help control feedback by notching out problematic frequencies that might cause the guitar signal to feed back through the amplification system. This can be particularly useful when performing in venues with challenging acoustics or high volume levels.

    3. **Room Correction**: In situations where the venue’s acoustics are less than ideal, EQ can be used to compensate for any deficiencies in the sound. By adjusting the EQ settings, Ed Sheeran can tailor the guitar tone to sound more balanced and natural, regardless of the room’s acoustic properties.

    4. **Matching Gear**: EQ can also be used to match the tone of Ed Sheeran’s guitar to the sound of other instruments or equipment in his setup. For example, he might adjust the EQ to complement the tonal characteristics of his vocal microphone or to blend seamlessly with backing tracks or other instruments.

    Overall, while EQ may not be a central component of Ed Sheeran’s guitar effects setup, it can still play a valuable role in shaping his tone and ensuring that he achieves the desired sound in different performance environments. Whether used subtly for tonal shaping or more aggressively for feedback control, EQ allows Ed Sheeran to tailor his guitar tone to suit his musical vision and performance needs.

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