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Vox V845 Wah – Nearly New – New Vox Wah Guitar Effect Pedal


Everyone loves wah. Its one of the effects which has been used by guitar players/artists for many decades now and the Vox V845 Wah pedal is here to continue this legacy. Small sleek and powerful it gives you access to the classic Vox wah effect which was used by the likes of Jimi Hendrix Jimmy…

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The Vox V845 Wah – Nearly New is in New condition and made by Vox , it is a great Wah Guitar Effect Pedal – Everyone loves wah. Its one of the effects which has been used by guitar players/artists for many decades now and the Vox V845 Wah pedal is here to continue this legacy. Small sleek and powerful it gives you access to the classic Vox wah effect which was used by the likes of Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. With this pedal youll be able to mould your tone further and add a new edge to your music helping you to expand your music making capabilities. Once youve heard the funky power contained within this little box of Vox wah youll want to keep that footswitch pressed down forevermore. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 60 The Wah Effect The most expressive sound. The wah effect was popularised in the 1960s but it started in the 1920s. Trumpet and trombone players would mute and unmute the instruments bell in order to create a wah effect similar to the one we know today. This effect was then developed into a pedal in the mid 60s so that guitar players could create this effect themselves. Now the Vox V845 Wah pedal has taken this effect further combining modern engineering with the classic sound to bring you this spectacular pedal. Modern Musical Madness Make no mistake this is classic wah. This pedal is based on the specifications which were used for the original Vox wah pedals so you can be sure that youre getting a pure unadulterated quality wah effect. With the footswitch you can control the intensity and speed of the effect giving you unlimited options when creating your sound. Given its compact design and Voxs quality craftsmanship youll find the V845 is incredibly sturdy and able to withstand all your foot stomping with ease. Fitted with an 9v DC power input for use with a power supply as well as an affordable price tag this pedal can deliver all the wah youd ever need. It will give you the utmost satisfaction whenever you press it. SpecificationsInput/Output Jacks: INST Jack AMP Jack DC i/p Jack. Power Supply: One 9V DC Battery 6F22(S-006P) Power Consumption: 540uA @ 9VDC Battery Life for Continuous Use: Approximately >100 hours with manganese battery (will vary depending on conditions) Dimensions: 102(W) x 252(D) x 75(H) (including rubber feet pedal in lowest position)


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About Vox

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Vox music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Vox is a renowned manufacturer of musical instruments, amplifiers, and effects pedals, known for their iconic designs, vintage-inspired tones, and rich history in the music industry. Founded in 1957 by Thomas Walter Jennings and Dick Denney in the United Kingdom, Vox quickly became synonymous with the British Invasion sound of the 1960s, with artists like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones popularizing Vox amplifiers worldwide.

Vox amplifiers are characterized by their distinctive aesthetic, including the iconic diamond grille cloth and chrome-accented control panel. The company’s product lineup includes a variety of amplifiers catering to different styles and preferences, from the classic Vox AC30 and AC15 tube amps to the modern modeling amplifiers like the Vox Valvetronix series.

In addition to amplifiers, Vox produces a range of effects pedals designed to capture the vintage tones that made Vox famous. The Vox Wah pedal, in particular, has become an iconic piece of guitar gear, known for its expressive sweep and distinctive sound. Vox also offers a variety of other effects pedals, including overdrive, distortion, delay, and modulation pedals, designed to provide guitarists with a wide range of tonal options.

With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Vox continues to be a respected name in the music industry, providing musicians with inspiring amplifiers and effects pedals that capture the timeless tones of the past while offering modern features and reliability for today’s players.

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  • A wah pedal, short for “wah-wah” pedal, is an effects pedal commonly used with electric guitars and occasionally with electric keyboards and bass guitars. It’s known for its distinctive sound, characterized by a sweeping, resonant filter effect that mimics the human voice saying “wah.” Here’s how a wah pedal works and some common features:

    1. **Pedal Design**: A wah pedal typically consists of a foot-operated pedal and a housing unit. The pedal is attached to a potentiometer (variable resistor) inside the housing, which adjusts the frequency response of the audio signal based on the pedal’s position.

    2. **Expression Pedal Compatibility**: Many wah pedals are compatible with expression pedals, allowing players to control the wah effect in real-time using their foot. This adds a dynamic and expressive element to the performance, enabling players to vary the intensity and speed of the wah effect as they play.

    3. **Sweep Range**: The sweep range refers to the range of frequencies affected by the wah pedal. As the pedal is rocked back and forth, it sweeps through a range of frequencies, emphasizing certain frequencies while attenuating others. This creates the characteristic “wah” sound.

    4. **Q Control**: Some wah pedals feature a Q control, also known as resonance or bandwidth control, which adjusts the width of the frequency band affected by the wah effect. Higher Q settings result in a narrower band of frequencies being emphasized, producing a more pronounced and focused wah sound, while lower Q settings produce a broader, more subtle effect.

    5. **True Bypass**: Like many other effects pedals, wah pedals may feature true bypass circuitry to ensure that the pedal does not color or degrade the guitar signal when it’s not in use. True bypass preserves the tone and integrity of the instrument’s sound when the wah effect is bypassed.

    6. **LED Indicator**: Some wah pedals include an LED indicator to indicate when the effect is engaged. This provides visual feedback to the player, especially useful in low-light settings or on dimly lit stages.

    7. **Treadle Grip**: The treadle grip refers to the surface texture or material of the pedal’s foot surface. Some wah pedals feature textured or ribbed surfaces to provide better grip and control, especially when using the pedal with bare feet or in slippery conditions.

    Overall, a wah pedal is a versatile and expressive effect that adds character and flair to guitar solos, rhythm playing, and improvisations. Whether used for funky rhythm parts, expressive lead lines, or experimental sounds, a wah pedal offers guitarists a wide range of creative possibilities for shaping their tone and adding dynamic expression to their playing.

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