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Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo – New Universal Audio Vibrato Guitar Effect Pedal


The Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo is the epitome of tremolo effects in a compact durable stompbox. With its ability to authentically emulate three distinct types of tube-driven tremolo effects this guitar pedal takes you on a journey from vintage American brown amps of the early 1960s to the most renowned vibrato ever created in…

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The Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo is in New condition and made by Universal Audio , it is a great Vibrato Guitar Effect Pedal – The Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo is the epitome of tremolo effects in a compact durable stompbox. With its ability to authentically emulate three distinct types of tube-driven tremolo effects this guitar pedal takes you on a journey from vintage American brown amps of the early 1960s to the most renowned vibrato ever created in 1965 before landing in the realm of modern choppy textures. The UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo is an evolution from our flagship Astra Modulation Machine offering a rich tapestry of sonic textures and tones. This pedals unique selling point lies in its perfectly captured tube preamp producing warm three-dimensional tremolo tones that are palpable vibrant and musical. Its three modes — Dharma 65 and Square — serve up a diverse palette of tremolo effects from the thick harmonic tremolo of early American amps to the pulsating shimmer of 1965s classic tremolo circuit and the rhythmic appeal of square waveforms. With its on-board tap tempo you can synchronize your trem effects to the beat while its volume control ensures your tremolo effects stand out. Built for years of reliable performance the UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo is a testament to timeless UA design and craftsmanship. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 159 Unleash the authenticity of Tube Tremolo Dive into the captivating world of rich tube-driven tremolo with the UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo. This remarkable unit an evolution from our distinguished Astra Modulation Machine presents three distinct varieties of vintage tremolo at your disposal. Each tremolo type—Dharma 65 and Square—offers a unique flavor adding depth and texture to your music and enhancing your sonic palette with a taste of the past and a touch of the modern. Dharma: Thick harmonic tremolo at your fingertips With the Dharma mode youre invited to indulge in the deep pulsating rhythm reminiscent of the iconic 60s American brown amps. This mode does not merely mimic these vintage sounds but enhances them intertwining volume fluctuations and phase shifting to create an even richer more immersive tremolo effect. Its the perfect choice for those looking to infuse their music with the essence of vintage soul surf or even Uni-Vibe textures. Experience the genuine tone of a tube preamp Flow presents to you rich intricately layered tones reminiscent of a tube preamp particularly those found in American combo amplifiers from the early to mid-1960s. As a result your tremolo effects gain increased prominence exhibiting a more spatial three-dimensional quality and enhancing their overall musicality. Experience the quintessential 1965 tube amp tremolo Immerse yourself in the impeccable replication of the iconic 1965 American tube amplifiers optical tremolo circuit. It delivers the unmistakable pulsing shine of the most renowned “vibrato” ever crafted. This sonic experience is reminiscent of your favourite vintage tracks replicating their tone and texture with extraordinary fidelity. Dive into modern edgy tremolo textures with square mode Experience the captivating charm of the square waveforms brought to life by UAFXs custom-built virtual optical photocell. The Square mode serves up rhythmic tremolo effects adding an irresistible touch to any music genre. Whether youre into contemporary pop R&B classic blues or indie rock this mode introduces a fresh choppy texture that will undoubtedly elevate your sound. Specifications Power requirements: Isolated 9VDC centre-negative 250mA minimum (sold separately) Inputs: 1 x 1/4” TS unbalanced Outputs: 1 x 1/4” TS unbalanced USB Type-C: for updates via computer Height: 5.81 cm 2.29 inches Width: 6.55 cm 2.58 inches Depth: 12.07 cm 4.75 inches Weight: 0.659 lbs (0.299 kg)


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Universal Audio (UA) is a prominent manufacturer of professional audio hardware and software, widely respected for its analog modeling technology and high-quality audio interfaces. Founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam Sr., Universal Audio has a rich history in the recording industry, having played a significant role in the development of early recording equipment and studio consoles.

Today, Universal Audio is best known for its range of audio interfaces, including the popular Apollo series, which combine high-resolution audio conversion with onboard processing power to run UA’s acclaimed UAD-2 plug-in platform. The UAD-2 platform offers meticulously modeled analog emulations of classic studio gear, including preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs, allowing musicians and producers to add the warmth and character of vintage analog equipment to their digital recordings.

In addition to audio interfaces and plug-ins, Universal Audio also manufactures standalone hardware processors, such as the UAD-2 Satellite and UAD-2 PCIe cards, providing additional DSP power for running UA’s plug-ins in professional studio environments. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and capturing the essence of classic analog gear, Universal Audio remains a trusted name among audio professionals worldwide.

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  • Vibrato
  • Vibrato is an effect commonly used in music, particularly in guitar playing, that involves modulating the pitch of a note to create a wavering or trembling sound. It adds a dynamic and expressive quality to the music, enhancing the richness and depth of individual notes or chords. Here’s how vibrato works and some common features of vibrato effects:

    1. **Pitch Modulation**: Vibrato effect pedals modulate the pitch of the guitar signal, causing it to oscillate above and below the original pitch at a controlled rate and depth. This creates a shimmering or undulating effect similar to the natural vibrato produced by a vocalist or instrumentalist.

    2. **Controls**: Vibrato pedals typically offer controls for adjusting the rate (speed) and depth (intensity) of the pitch modulation. The rate control determines how quickly the pitch oscillates, while the depth control determines the extent of the pitch modulation.

    3. **Waveform Options**: Some vibrato pedals provide options for selecting different waveform shapes, such as sine wave, triangle wave, or square wave. Each waveform shape produces a different character of vibrato, ranging from smooth and subtle to choppy and pronounced.

    4. **Expression Pedal Compatibility**: Many vibrato pedals are compatible with expression pedals, allowing players to control the rate or depth of the vibrato effect in real-time using their foot. This adds a dynamic and expressive element to the performance, allowing for greater control over the vibrato effect.

    5. **True Bypass**: Like many other effects pedals, vibrato pedals may feature true bypass circuitry to ensure that the pedal does not color or degrade the guitar signal when it’s not in use. True bypass preserves the tone and integrity of the instrument’s sound when the pedal is bypassed.

    6. **Blend Control**: Some vibrato pedals include a blend control that allows players to mix the wet (effected) and dry (unaffected) signals. This enables subtle blending of the vibrato effect with the original guitar signal, preserving clarity and definition while adding depth and texture.

    7. **Vintage vs. Modern Voicing**: Vibrato pedals may offer different voicing options to emulate the characteristics of vintage vibrato effects or provide more modern and versatile tones. Vintage-style vibrato pedals often replicate the sound of classic amplifier vibrato circuits, while modern pedals may offer enhanced features and flexibility.

    Overall, vibrato pedals are versatile tools for adding movement, texture, and expression to guitar tones. Whether used subtly to add warmth and depth to clean passages or dialed in for dramatic pitch modulation effects, vibrato pedals offer guitarists a wide range of creative possibilities for shaping their sound.

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