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TC Electronic SCF GOLD Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal – New TC Electronic Stereo Analogue EQ Guitar Effect Pedal


The TC Electronic SCF GOLD is a reissued and remade version of their very first effects pedal. In 1976 TC Electronics founders were frustrated with the noise floor of effects pedals on the market struggling to fit them into their music so they decided to make their own design. This is how the original SCF…

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The TC Electronic SCF GOLD Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal is in New condition and made by TC Electronic , it is a great Stereo Analogue EQ Guitar Effect Pedal – The TC Electronic SCF GOLD is a reissued and remade version of their very first effects pedal. In 1976 TC Electronics founders were frustrated with the noise floor of effects pedals on the market struggling to fit them into their music so they decided to make their own design. This is how the original SCF pedal was born and its beautiful dreamy sound quickly became a mainstay in studios and on the pedalboards of world-famous artists. Praised for its noise-free transparent character the SCF is a classic analog modulation effect. Now with the SCF Gold you can get this legendary effect in your setup new and improved. An exhaustively accurate reissue of the original circuitry the SCF Gold gives you the same wide swirling character that made the first SCF so sought after. With incredible headroom for high dynamic range a redesigned analog preamp for an improved low-frequency response and a staggeringly low noise floor the SCF Gold takes the original unit and builds on top of it for a more greatly improved experience. Get broad subtly sweeping sound for a rich stereo sound field or fast-paced wobbly character for your sounds out of this versatile modulator. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 134.5 A classic reborn Used by iconic guitarists of all eras the original SCF has become a beloved modulation pedal. With this new edition you can finally access the sound beloved by guitarists such as Matt Bellamy Brian May John Petrucci and Joe Bonamassa. Now you can see why this effect is so sought after for yourself. Clean character As with the original circuitry the SCF Gold has been designed with transparency and freedom from noise in mind. Whilst many classic circuits are sought after for their characterful sometimes noisy sound the SCF was built with the opposite in mind creating a clean clear sound that represents the signal you want and nothing extra. This noiseless approach makes for a focused modulation that can readily fit into any mix – on stage or in the studio. Modern updates Built with a standard 9V DC power supply the SCF Gold can now fit more readily into your pedalboard without the need for power converters minimising hassle. The analog preamp that drives the circuit has been tweaked to increase headroom and improve low-frequency response providing an even cleaner sound than ever before as well as broader dynamic range. Harness the benefits of modern advancements with the very best of vintage circuitry. Reviews “Highly intuitive modulative and pulsating to the brim with tailorable effects – the SCF GOLD is another great offering from TC Electronic.” Gear4music Check out the full review here Features Analog modulation pedal with chorus flange and pitch modulation modes Accurate and detailed recreation of vintage bucket brigade delay circuitry Updated to include standardised 9V DC power input for easier integration on your pedalboard Analog preamp with improved headroom and frequency response for higher fidelity Achieve the perfect levels with adjustable input gain to comfortably apply this effect to any instrument Totally clean and noiseless signal path for transparent signal processing Stereo output for wide and detailed sound field adding extra dimension to your soundSpecifications Input:Mono 1/4″ TS unbalanced Output: Mono 1/4″ TS unbalanced Stereo 1/4″ TS unbalanced. Effect Modes: Chorus Flange Pitch Control: Speed Width Mode Intensity Input Gain Bypass Switch Power Input: 9V DC center negative >100 Dimensions (H x W x D): 142 mm x 108 mm x 59 mm (5.6″ x 4.3″ x 2.3″) Weight: 0.34 kg (0.75 lbs)


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About TC Electronic

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used TC Electronic music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

TC Electronic is a prominent manufacturer of audio processing equipment, including guitar effects pedals, studio processors, audio interfaces, and digital signal processors. Founded in Denmark in 1976 by Kim and John Rishøj, TC Electronic has earned a reputation for its high-quality, innovative products that cater to musicians, producers, and audio engineers worldwide.

TC Electronic’s product lineup includes a wide range of guitar effects pedals known for their pristine sound quality, versatility, and cutting-edge features. From classic effects like delays, reverbs, and choruses to more experimental and unique pedals, TC Electronic offers a comprehensive selection to suit various playing styles and preferences.

In addition to effects pedals, TC Electronic produces studio-quality audio processors and interfaces designed for professional recording and production applications. Their products include rack-mounted processors, mastering tools, audio interfaces, and software plugins, known for their transparent sound quality and powerful feature sets.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, TC Electronic continues to be a trusted name in the music and audio industry, providing musicians, producers, and engineers with cutting-edge tools and technology to unleash their creativity and achieve professional results.

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  • While Ed Sheeran primarily relies on the natural sound of his acoustic guitar and vocals, he occasionally uses EQ (Equalization) to shape and enhance his tone during live performances or in the studio. EQ pedals or onboard preamps can allow him to adjust the frequency response of his guitar signal to suit the acoustics of different venues or to achieve specific tonal characteristics. Here’s how EQ might be utilized in Ed Sheeran’s setup:

    1. **Tonal Shaping**: EQ can be used to adjust the balance of frequencies in the guitar signal, allowing Ed Sheeran to shape his tone to his liking. For example, he might boost the midrange frequencies to bring out the warmth and presence of his acoustic guitar, or cut certain frequencies to reduce any harshness or mud in the sound.

    2. **Feedback Control**: In a live setting, EQ can help control feedback by notching out problematic frequencies that might cause the guitar signal to feed back through the amplification system. This can be particularly useful when performing in venues with challenging acoustics or high volume levels.

    3. **Room Correction**: In situations where the venue’s acoustics are less than ideal, EQ can be used to compensate for any deficiencies in the sound. By adjusting the EQ settings, Ed Sheeran can tailor the guitar tone to sound more balanced and natural, regardless of the room’s acoustic properties.

    4. **Matching Gear**: EQ can also be used to match the tone of Ed Sheeran’s guitar to the sound of other instruments or equipment in his setup. For example, he might adjust the EQ to complement the tonal characteristics of his vocal microphone or to blend seamlessly with backing tracks or other instruments.

    Overall, while EQ may not be a central component of Ed Sheeran’s guitar effects setup, it can still play a valuable role in shaping his tone and ensuring that he achieves the desired sound in different performance environments. Whether used subtly for tonal shaping or more aggressively for feedback control, EQ allows Ed Sheeran to tailor his guitar tone to suit his musical vision and performance needs.

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  • Stereo effect pedals are guitar effects pedals that process the guitar signal in stereo, providing a wider and more immersive sound experience compared to mono effects pedals. These pedals split the guitar signal into two independent channels—left and right—and apply effects separately to each channel. Stereo effects pedals can create spatial effects, enhance the stereo image, and add depth and dimension to the guitar tone. Here are some common types of stereo effect pedals:

    1. **Stereo Reverb**: Stereo reverb pedals generate reverberation effects in stereo, simulating the acoustic reflections and ambience of various spaces. Stereo reverb pedals can create lush, expansive reverb tails that spread across the stereo field, adding depth and dimension to the guitar tone.

    2. **Stereo Delay**: Stereo delay pedals produce delay effects in stereo, with separate delay lines for the left and right channels. Stereo delay pedals can create intricate rhythmic patterns, ping-pong delays that bounce between the left and right channels, and spatial effects that enhance the stereo image.

    3. **Stereo Chorus**: Stereo chorus pedals modulate the guitar signal in stereo, creating rich, swirling modulation effects. Stereo chorus pedals can produce wide, shimmering textures that move across the stereo field, adding depth and movement to the guitar tone.

    4. **Stereo Phaser**: Stereo phaser pedals modulate the phase of the guitar signal in stereo, producing sweeping, swirling effects. Stereo phaser pedals can create dynamic stereo modulation effects that move back and forth between the left and right channels, enhancing the stereo image and spatial dimension.

    5. **Stereo Flanger**: Stereo flanger pedals modulate the guitar signal in stereo, producing jet-like, sweeping modulation effects. Stereo flanger pedals can create dramatic stereo sweeps and whooshing sounds that pan across the stereo field, adding movement and depth to the guitar tone.

    6. **Stereo Tremolo**: Stereo tremolo pedals modulate the volume of the guitar signal in stereo, producing rhythmic amplitude modulation effects. Stereo tremolo pedals can create pulsating, stereo tremolo effects that move between the left and right channels, adding rhythmic movement and spatial dynamics.

    7. **Stereo Modulation Multi-Effects**: Some multi-effects pedals feature stereo modulation effects, combining multiple stereo effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, and flanger in a single unit. These pedals offer a wide range of stereo modulation options and can create complex, layered soundscapes with enhanced stereo imaging.

    Stereo effect pedals are popular among guitarists seeking to create expansive, immersive soundscapes and enhance their overall tone with spatial effects. Whether used in stereo amplifier setups, stereo pedalboard configurations, or stereo recording environments, stereo effect pedals can add depth, dimension, and movement to the guitar tone, enriching the listening experience for both players and audiences.