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Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini – New Ibanez Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal


The classic just smaller. The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini proves that sometimes you just cant beat the original; you can however make it smaller. A landmark pedal and one that has rightly cemented its place in musical history on countless recordings and performances- from SRV to John Mayer. While its tube-like warm overdrive is well…

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The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini is in New condition and made by Ibanez , it is a great Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal – The classic just smaller. The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini proves that sometimes you just cant beat the original; you can however make it smaller. A landmark pedal and one that has rightly cemented its place in musical history on countless recordings and performances- from SRV to John Mayer. While its tube-like warm overdrive is well suited to blues its versatility means you can shape its tone to suit any application. From light overdrive to gently thicken your sound to thicker crunchier tones the TS Mini excels at them all and anything in between. The design incorporates both the JRC4558 chip internally- the exact same that made the original TS808 so special and is an identical reproduction of the original circuit just reduced in size. The Tube Screamers legacy speaks for itself and the TS Mini shows exactly why this reputation was well-earned all in a more compact package. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 55 Size doesnt matter All the character just in a smaller enclosure. The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini is a loving recreation of the 1979 original this time designed with space-saving in mind. One of the most distinctive sounding pedals to ever exist the original TS808 is steeped in history having been a personal favourite of Stevie Ray Vaughan among others. Its ability to offer everything from a warm boost to crunchy distortion has made it a mainstay on many pedalboards- from amateur to professional. Now access all the tone from a pedal half the size; the internal circuitry is identical the only difference is size. Bombproof construction means reliable performance while the inclusion of the JRC4558 gives all the vintage character youd get from the early models. If you need something to fatten your tone lend harmonic warmth and offer rich mid-boosted overdrive the TS Mini is the only pedal to choose. Secrets of the Tube Screamer The Tube Screamers clever design is the reason its still the industry-standard overdrive pedal. Widely imitated but never accurately replicated there are a few unique features that give the TS808 its unique sound signature. One of these is that the active high pass filter in the clipping stage rolls off the bass so that only frequencies above 720Hz get the full distortion and harmonics below get progressively less making the distortion frequency selective. After the clipping stage a passive low pass filter shaves off excess treble giving the characteristic mid boost that Tube Screamers are known for. The clipped output signal then also contains part of the input signal perfectly preserving the original dynamics of the instrument while also improving the responsiveness and overall clarity of the distortion. This is all made possible by the input buffer isolating the effect from the guitar retaining optimum signal fidelity one of the main reasons the TS808 can offer mid-heavy overdrive without the effect becoming muddy. This is what makes a Tube Screamer a Tube Screamer- optimum signal filtering and frequency selective distortion. Specifications Effect: Overdrive Controls: Tone Level Overdrive Power Supply: External AC Adapter (DC 9V) Size: 92.6mm (D) x 50.9mm (W) x 55.1mm (H) Weight: 292g


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Ibanez is a renowned manufacturer of musical instruments, primarily known for its guitars and basses, as well as amplifiers, effects pedals, and accessories. Founded in 1957 in Japan by Hoshino Gakki, Ibanez has become one of the most recognized and respected brands in the music industry, offering a wide range of instruments that cater to musicians across genres and skill levels.

Ibanez guitars are celebrated for their craftsmanship, playability, and versatility. The company offers a diverse lineup of electric guitars, including signature models endorsed by famous artists, as well as acoustic guitars and basses. Models like the RG series, the S series, and the iconic Ibanez JEM are particularly popular among rock and metal players for their sleek designs, fast necks, and high-performance features.

In addition to guitars and basses, Ibanez produces a variety of amplifiers and effects pedals designed to complement their instruments and provide musicians with a complete sound solution. The company’s amplifiers range from compact practice amps to powerful stage rigs, while their effects pedals offer a wide range of tones and effects for guitarists to explore.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Ibanez continues to be a trusted name in the music industry, providing musicians with high-quality instruments and equipment that inspire creativity and deliver exceptional performance.

  • Guitar Effect Pedal
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  • An overdrive pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal that simulates the sound of a vintage tube amplifier pushed into overdrive or distortion. It adds warmth, richness, and harmonic complexity to the guitar signal, creating a smooth, saturated tone that ranges from mild grit to full-on distortion. Here’s how overdrive pedals work and some common features:

    1. **Gain**: The gain control adjusts the amount of overdrive or distortion applied to the guitar signal. Turning up the gain increases the intensity of the overdrive, while lowering it produces a cleaner, more transparent sound.

    2. **Level**: The level control adjusts the output volume of the pedal. This allows you to match the volume level of the overdriven signal with your clean signal or boost the overall volume for solos or lead lines.

    3. **Tone**: The tone control (sometimes labeled as “tone” or “EQ”) adjusts the frequency response of the overdriven signal. Turning it clockwise boosts the highs and cuts the lows, resulting in a brighter tone. Turning it counterclockwise boosts the lows and cuts the highs, producing a darker tone.

    4. **Drive (or Distortion)**: Some overdrive pedals feature a separate drive control, which determines the intensity of the overdrive effect independently of the gain control. This allows for more fine-tuned control over the amount of saturation and distortion in the tone.

    5. **True Bypass vs. Buffered Bypass**: Overdrive pedals may have either true bypass or buffered bypass circuits. True bypass preserves the guitar’s original tone when the pedal is turned off, while buffered bypass maintains signal integrity and prevents signal loss when the pedal is engaged.

    6. **Voicing Options**: Some overdrive pedals offer voicing options or switchable modes that allow you to tailor the character of the overdrive to suit your playing style or musical genre. This may include options for different clipping diodes, EQ curves, or saturation levels.

    7. **Stacking**: Overdrive pedals are often used in combination with other effects pedals, such as boost pedals, distortion pedals, or modulation effects. Stacking multiple overdrive pedals can create unique tonal textures and dynamic range, allowing for greater versatility and customization of your guitar tone.

    Overdrive pedals are widely used in various music genres, including blues, rock, country, and jazz. Guitarists use them to add warmth, grit, and character to their tone, whether they’re playing rhythm parts, lead lines, or solos. An overdrive pedal is a staple on many pedalboards, offering classic tones and timeless appeal for guitarists of all levels and styles.

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