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Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Multi Wah – New Dunlop Wah Guitar Effect Pedal


The 535 wah pedal has been relied upon by artists such as Jeff Beck Joe Satriani Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Prince. They have all looked to this wah pedal for their sound – it is known as the guitarists swiss army knife for wah-effects. Use this pedal to put more expression and “voice” into a…

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The Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Multi Wah is in New condition and made by Dunlop , it is a great Wah Guitar Effect Pedal – The 535 wah pedal has been relied upon by artists such as Jeff Beck Joe Satriani Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Prince. They have all looked to this wah pedal for their sound – it is known as the guitarists swiss army knife for wah-effects. Use this pedal to put more expression and “voice” into a guitar melody . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 179 The 535Q works like a standard Crybaby but adds a whole slew of customizable functions. You have the ability to take control over your wah tone and can select your frequency range for the “sweep” of your pedal. Further adjustment is possible using the Q control. Once youve got your sound make sure it gets heard with a variable boost of up to 16db that can create endless sustain on any note. Wah Range The wah range selector knob allows you to select a tonal range that is best suited for your expression needs. By turning the knob clockwise you get lower register ranges and counter-clockwise for the higher ranges. High ranges tend to sound more punchy and sharp as in Hendrixs Voodoo Child while lower ranges have a more deeper growling feel like Jerry Cantrells Chewy. Q Control The Q adjustment controls the sharpness of the bandpass filter. High Q is a very selective and sharp choose a high Q in combination with high gain for super shrill leads. The lower Q settings has a very broad bass and has more of a musical quality that doesnt affect your tone as much as high Q settings. Boost Control By turning the volume control knob you can control the amount of gain in your signal. Turning the knob clockwise will increase your gain to up to 16db. Hit the red boost button to activate the boost. This is great for any lead work that you think might need a kick. Features/Specifications: Available Frequencies: 420Hz 400Hz 375Hz 340Hz 290Hz 250Hz Power Supply: Dunlop ECB003 AC Adapter Battery Supply: Yes Single 9 volt battery


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About Dunlop

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Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc., commonly known as Dunlop, is a leading manufacturer of musical instrument accessories, including guitar picks, strings, capos, slides, and effects pedals. Founded in 1965 by Jim Dunlop, the company has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the music industry.

Dunlop’s product lineup covers a wide range of accessories designed to enhance the playing experience for guitarists and other musicians. The company’s guitar picks are particularly popular, offering a variety of shapes, materials, and thicknesses to suit different playing styles and preferences. Dunlop also produces a range of guitar strings, known for their durability, tone, and playability.

In addition to accessories, Dunlop manufactures a variety of effects pedals under the MXR brand, which they acquired in 1987. MXR pedals are celebrated for their rugged construction, innovative designs, and versatile tones, making them popular among guitarists and bassists in various genres. Iconic MXR pedals include the Phase 90 phaser, the Carbon Copy analog delay, and the Dyna Comp compressor.

With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Dunlop continues to be a trusted name in the music industry, providing musicians with high-quality accessories and effects pedals that enhance their creativity and performance.

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  • Wah
  • A wah pedal, short for “wah-wah” pedal, is an effects pedal commonly used with electric guitars and occasionally with electric keyboards and bass guitars. It’s known for its distinctive sound, characterized by a sweeping, resonant filter effect that mimics the human voice saying “wah.” Here’s how a wah pedal works and some common features:

    1. **Pedal Design**: A wah pedal typically consists of a foot-operated pedal and a housing unit. The pedal is attached to a potentiometer (variable resistor) inside the housing, which adjusts the frequency response of the audio signal based on the pedal’s position.

    2. **Expression Pedal Compatibility**: Many wah pedals are compatible with expression pedals, allowing players to control the wah effect in real-time using their foot. This adds a dynamic and expressive element to the performance, enabling players to vary the intensity and speed of the wah effect as they play.

    3. **Sweep Range**: The sweep range refers to the range of frequencies affected by the wah pedal. As the pedal is rocked back and forth, it sweeps through a range of frequencies, emphasizing certain frequencies while attenuating others. This creates the characteristic “wah” sound.

    4. **Q Control**: Some wah pedals feature a Q control, also known as resonance or bandwidth control, which adjusts the width of the frequency band affected by the wah effect. Higher Q settings result in a narrower band of frequencies being emphasized, producing a more pronounced and focused wah sound, while lower Q settings produce a broader, more subtle effect.

    5. **True Bypass**: Like many other effects pedals, wah pedals may feature true bypass circuitry to ensure that the pedal does not color or degrade the guitar signal when it’s not in use. True bypass preserves the tone and integrity of the instrument’s sound when the wah effect is bypassed.

    6. **LED Indicator**: Some wah pedals include an LED indicator to indicate when the effect is engaged. This provides visual feedback to the player, especially useful in low-light settings or on dimly lit stages.

    7. **Treadle Grip**: The treadle grip refers to the surface texture or material of the pedal’s foot surface. Some wah pedals feature textured or ribbed surfaces to provide better grip and control, especially when using the pedal with bare feet or in slippery conditions.

    Overall, a wah pedal is a versatile and expressive effect that adds character and flair to guitar solos, rhythm playing, and improvisations. Whether used for funky rhythm parts, expressive lead lines, or experimental sounds, a wah pedal offers guitarists a wide range of creative possibilities for shaping their tone and adding dynamic expression to their playing.

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