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Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal – New Digitech Looper Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal


The Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal is unlike any other beat/rhythm machine on the market. Featuring the worlds first intelligent drum machine the SDRUM allows players to teach the pedal drum patterns simply by strumming their guitar. After setting the kick and snare pattern the pedal adds cymbals hi-hats toms and other percussive sounds to…

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The Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal is in New condition and made by Digitech , it is a great Looper Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal – The Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal is unlike any other beat/rhythm machine on the market. Featuring the worlds first intelligent drum machine the SDRUM allows players to teach the pedal drum patterns simply by strumming their guitar. After setting the kick and snare pattern the pedal adds cymbals hi-hats toms and other percussive sounds to create a professional sounding drum beat. Choose from a wide selection of sounds with 5 kits on offer to cover a wide selection of genres. The Digitech SDRUM also features a selection of ins/outs for the ultimate integration into any rig with outputs for connecting to mixers amps and JamMan Loopers. With the ability to create patterns for the bridge chorus and verse sections the SDRUM Strummable Drums Pedal is the perfect way to enhance your live performance. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 329 Completely Personalised Drum Patterns The SDRUM pedal features a wide selection of controls to completely personalise your created drum beat with a wide selection of kits and sounds to suit a range of genres. The two control knobs offer 12 different hits/rides and 5 different kits with the option to set quarter eighth or sixteenth note timings and set the amount of extra embellishments to the drum patterns. Set the pedals tempo with the included tempo knob or tap tempo button and switch between alternative sounds for the ultimate customisation. Use the footswitch to teach the pedal a pattern start playback switch parts and stop playback. Specifications General Controls: Tap Tempo Verse Chorus Bridge Song Groove/Kit Hats/Rides Level Tempo Alt Kit Alt Has/Rides Guitar Audition Kick Snare Footswitch Chassis: Metal Inputs: 1 x 1/4’ Instrument 1 x 1/4’ FS3X Outputs: 1 x 1/4’ Instrument (Amp) 2 x 1/4’ Line (Mixer Left & Right) 1 x 1/4’ JamSync Power Supply: PS0913DC-04 (Included) Dimensions Length: 5.25’’ (133 mm) Width: 3.15’’ (80 mm) Height: 2.3’’ (58 mm) Weight: 0.51kg (1.12lbs)


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About Digitech

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Digitech music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Digitech is a renowned manufacturer of guitar pedals, known for their innovation and diverse range of effects. Founded in 1984, Digitech has consistently pushed the boundaries of pedal technology, offering musicians an array of creative tools to shape their sound. From iconic pedals like the Whammy, which revolutionized pitch shifting effects, to versatile multi-effects units like the RP series, Digitech has remained a staple in the pedal industry. Their pedals cater to various genres and playing styles, making them popular among both amateur and professional musicians alike.

Digitech’s product line encompasses a wide spectrum of effects pedals, including distortion, delay, modulation, and more. Their pedals often feature intuitive controls and robust build quality, ensuring reliability in live performances and studio settings. Additionally, Digitech has embraced digital innovation, incorporating features like preset saving, expression pedal compatibility, and USB connectivity in their newer models, catering to the evolving needs of modern guitarists. Overall, Digitech continues to be a trusted name in the world of guitar effects, offering a diverse range of pedals that inspire creativity and musical expression.

  • Chorus
  • A “chorus” pedal is a type of modulation effect used in guitar and bass playing to create a rich, swirling sound that simulates the effect of multiple instruments playing the same part simultaneously. Chorus pedals are popular for adding depth, warmth, and movement to the guitar tone, and they are widely used across various music genres, from rock and pop to jazz and ambient.

    Chorus pedals work by splitting the guitar signal into two identical paths. One path remains unaffected, while the other path is slightly delayed and modulated in pitch. The modulated signal is then mixed back with the original signal, creating the characteristic “shimmering” effect associated with chorus.

    Key features of chorus pedals include:

    1. **Rate**: This controls the speed at which the modulated signal’s pitch fluctuates, determining how quickly the chorus effect cycles.

    2. **Depth**: Also known as intensity or mix, this adjusts the amount of modulation applied to the delayed signal. Higher depth settings produce a more pronounced and noticeable chorus effect.

    3. **Delay Time**: Some chorus pedals allow you to adjust the delay time, which affects the perceived width and depth of the chorus effect. Longer delay times create a more spacious and immersive sound.

    4. **Tone or EQ**: Many chorus pedals include tone or EQ controls to shape the frequency response of the chorus effect. These controls allow you to tailor the tone of the chorus to suit your preferences or match the characteristics of your guitar and amplifier.

    Chorus pedals can be used in various ways to enhance your playing:

    – **Thickening**: Adding a subtle chorus effect to your guitar tone can thicken it, making it sound fuller and more expansive. This is particularly useful for filling out the sound in a band mix or creating a lush, layered texture in ambient music.

    – **Clean Tones**: Chorus pedals are often used with clean or lightly overdriven guitar tones to add sparkle and dimension. They can impart a sense of movement and depth to simple chord progressions or arpeggios, making them sound more dynamic and expressive.

    – **Lead Tones**: When applied to lead guitar lines or solos, chorus pedals can add a touch of modulation that helps the notes stand out and sound more vibrant. This can be especially effective for achieving a “shimmering” quality in melodic passages.

    Overall, chorus pedals are versatile tools that can add depth, warmth, and character to your guitar tone. Whether you’re aiming for subtle enhancement or bold modulation effects, a chorus pedal can be a valuable addition to your pedalboard.

  • Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Looper
  • A looper pedal is a versatile tool used by guitarists to record and playback musical phrases in real-time. It allows musicians to layer multiple parts, create loops, and build entire arrangements on the fly. Looper pedals come in various configurations and offer different features, but they typically include the following functionalities:

    1. **Recording**: A looper pedal enables users to record a musical phrase by pressing a dedicated footswitch. Once the recording is initiated, the pedal captures the incoming audio signal from the guitar or other instrument and loops it back continuously.

    2. **Playback**: After recording a loop, the looper pedal plays back the recorded audio continuously in a seamless loop. This allows musicians to accompany themselves or create layered arrangements by adding additional musical parts on top of the original loop.

    3. **Overdubbing**: In addition to recording and playing back loops, looper pedals often feature overdubbing functionality, which allows users to layer additional recordings on top of existing loops. Musicians can continuously add new musical parts to the loop, building up complex arrangements in real-time.

    4. **Undo/Redo**: Many looper pedals include an undo/redo function, which allows users to remove the last recorded overdub or restore it if needed. This feature provides flexibility and allows for experimentation during live performances or recording sessions.

    5. **Stop/Clear**: Looper pedals typically include a stop/clear footswitch that allows users to stop playback and clear the recorded loop from memory. This enables musicians to start fresh with a new recording or transition to a different musical section during a performance.

    6. **Loop Length Control**: Some advanced looper pedals offer the ability to control the length of the recorded loop. Users can specify the length of the loop in measures or seconds, allowing for precise control over the timing and structure of the looped arrangement.

    7. **Built-in Effects**: Some looper pedals feature built-in effects such as reverse playback, half-speed playback, or pitch shifting, which can add creative possibilities and sonic experimentation to the looping process.

    Looper pedals are widely used by guitarists and other musicians for various applications, including live performance, songwriting, practice sessions, and studio recording. They provide a convenient and intuitive way to create, layer, and manipulate musical ideas in real-time, making them an essential tool for creative expression and musical exploration.

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