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Boss BB-1X Bass Driver – New Boss Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal


The (r)evolution of bass overdrive. The Boss BB-1X is the next generation of overdrive pedals functioning as a combination of overdrive preamp and DI. Most preamps colour your tone or alter the character but Boss took deliberate steps to avoid the BB-1X doing this; instead it embellishes and invigorates your existing tone and emphasises the…

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The Boss BB-1X Bass Driver is in New condition and made by Boss , it is a great Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal – The (r)evolution of bass overdrive. The Boss BB-1X is the next generation of overdrive pedals functioning as a combination of overdrive preamp and DI. Most preamps colour your tone or alter the character but Boss took deliberate steps to avoid the BB-1X doing this; instead it embellishes and invigorates your existing tone and emphasises the dynamics of your playing. If youre after an all-in-one solution that doesnt comprimise the quality of any of the individual sections the BB-1X more than obliges. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 162 Tailored tone Unlike conventional bass pedals the BB-1Xs frequency range is never narrowed down. The BB-1X analyses the bass signal in real time. It processes playing style phrasing dynamics and more to deliver unparalleled performance and a bespoke tone. This provides unlimited possibilities to shape and enhance your sound without altering your fundamental tone. Combining huge low end with natural-sounding distortion the BB-1X delivers peerless dynamic response that reflects the unique individual expression of every bassist. Specially Tuned Line Out With a DI Box your bass signal is usually split into two separate outputs: one output goes to your amp while the second output goes directly to the PA. The BB-1X features a super convenient balanced Line Out jack that functions as a DI. The core tone produced by the BB-1Xs Line Out is not the result of simply boosting the bass its special tuning provides a full spectrum of balanced sound while never losing the character punch and presence of your individual sound. You really get the best of both worlds with the BB-1X: an output to your amp for your preferred sound on stage plus a separate DI output that delivers perfectly optimized tone to the PA for an immaculate live sound. Features Bold punchy sound that invigorates the original tone and responsiveness of your bass and amp Contains BOSS latest distortion which adapts to every register and never muffles your low end Blend knob allows for mixing the direct signal with the effect signal Independent Low and High knobs for ultra-wide tonal adjustment Two output jacks: a normal output for a bass amp and a Line Out for a balanced connection directly to a PA or recorder The Line Out jack provides a modern and enhanced direct sound that brings out new characteristics in your tone The newest member of the special-edition X-series BOSS compact pedals which offer premium looks sound and feel


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About Boss

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Boss music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Boss is a prominent manufacturer of guitar effects pedals, multi-effects units, and related musical equipment, known for their durability, reliability, and wide range of effects. Founded in 1973 as a division of the Roland Corporation, Boss quickly became synonymous with high-quality effects pedals that are popular among guitarists and musicians worldwide.

Boss pedals are renowned for their rugged construction, intuitive controls, and signature sound quality. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of effects pedals covering various categories, including distortion, overdrive, delay, modulation, and more. Iconic pedals like the DS-1 Distortion, the DS-2 Turbo Distortion, the DD-3 Digital Delay, and the MT-2 Metal Zone have become staples on countless pedalboards due to their versatility and reliability.

In addition to individual pedals, Boss also produces multi-effects units, loopers, tuners, and accessories designed to meet the needs of modern guitarists and musicians. Their multi-effects units, such as the GT-1000 series, offer a wide range of effects and amp modeling capabilities in a single unit, providing players with a compact and convenient solution for achieving a variety of tones.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Boss continues to be a trusted name in the world of guitar effects, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic possibilities and express themselves creatively.

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  • An overdrive pedal is a type of guitar effects pedal that simulates the sound of a vintage tube amplifier pushed into overdrive or distortion. It adds warmth, richness, and harmonic complexity to the guitar signal, creating a smooth, saturated tone that ranges from mild grit to full-on distortion. Here’s how overdrive pedals work and some common features:

    1. **Gain**: The gain control adjusts the amount of overdrive or distortion applied to the guitar signal. Turning up the gain increases the intensity of the overdrive, while lowering it produces a cleaner, more transparent sound.

    2. **Level**: The level control adjusts the output volume of the pedal. This allows you to match the volume level of the overdriven signal with your clean signal or boost the overall volume for solos or lead lines.

    3. **Tone**: The tone control (sometimes labeled as “tone” or “EQ”) adjusts the frequency response of the overdriven signal. Turning it clockwise boosts the highs and cuts the lows, resulting in a brighter tone. Turning it counterclockwise boosts the lows and cuts the highs, producing a darker tone.

    4. **Drive (or Distortion)**: Some overdrive pedals feature a separate drive control, which determines the intensity of the overdrive effect independently of the gain control. This allows for more fine-tuned control over the amount of saturation and distortion in the tone.

    5. **True Bypass vs. Buffered Bypass**: Overdrive pedals may have either true bypass or buffered bypass circuits. True bypass preserves the guitar’s original tone when the pedal is turned off, while buffered bypass maintains signal integrity and prevents signal loss when the pedal is engaged.

    6. **Voicing Options**: Some overdrive pedals offer voicing options or switchable modes that allow you to tailor the character of the overdrive to suit your playing style or musical genre. This may include options for different clipping diodes, EQ curves, or saturation levels.

    7. **Stacking**: Overdrive pedals are often used in combination with other effects pedals, such as boost pedals, distortion pedals, or modulation effects. Stacking multiple overdrive pedals can create unique tonal textures and dynamic range, allowing for greater versatility and customization of your guitar tone.

    Overdrive pedals are widely used in various music genres, including blues, rock, country, and jazz. Guitarists use them to add warmth, grit, and character to their tone, whether they’re playing rhythm parts, lead lines, or solos. An overdrive pedal is a staple on many pedalboards, offering classic tones and timeless appeal for guitarists of all levels and styles.

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