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Orange Amplifiers is a renowned British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and related accessories, known for their distinctive sound, bold design, and legendary reliability. Founded in 1968 by Cliff Cooper, Orange has established itself as an iconic brand in the world of amplification, favored by musicians across genres for its unique sonic character and powerful performance.

Orange amplifiers are characterized by their vibrant orange-colored tolex covering, rugged construction, and unmistakable tone. The company’s product lineup includes a wide range of amplifiers catering to different playing styles and preferences, from the classic British crunch of the Orange Rockerverb series to the vintage-inspired tones of the Orange OR series. Additionally, Orange offers a variety of speaker cabinets, including their iconic PPC series, renowned for their robust construction and premium Celestion speakers.

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation, Orange Amplifiers continues to be a trusted choice for guitarists seeking to achieve their desired tone and stage presence. Whether in the studio, on stage, or at home, Orange amplifiers are revered for their reliability, versatility, and unmistakable British sound, earning them a dedicated following among musicians worldwide.

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