Korg is a renowned manufacturer of musical instruments, electronic music equipment, and audio processors, known for their innovation, quality, and diverse product range. Founded in 1962 in Japan, Korg has played a significant role in shaping the music industry with its pioneering electronic instruments and digital technology.

Among Korg’s extensive product lineup, their synthesizers and keyboards stand out as some of the most iconic and influential in the world. From classic analog synthesizers like the MS-20 and the Minilogue to modern digital workstations like the KRONOS series, Korg synthesizers offer musicians a wide range of sounds and creative possibilities.

In addition to synthesizers, Korg produces a variety of other musical instruments, including digital pianos, electronic drums, and guitar effects pedals. The company also offers a range of audio processors and recording equipment, such as digital mixers, MIDI controllers, and software applications designed for music production and performance.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and accessibility, Korg continues to be a trusted name in the music industry, providing musicians, producers, and enthusiasts with cutting-edge technology and inspiring tools to fuel their creativity.

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