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Hungry Robot

Hungry Robot is a boutique pedal manufacturer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded by Eric Merrow. Specializing in handcrafted guitar effects pedals, Hungry Robot is renowned for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and unique sonic character.

The company offers a diverse range of effects pedals, including modulation, delay, reverb, and fuzz pedals, each meticulously designed and built with attention to detail. Hungry Robot pedals are known for their versatility and ability to inspire creativity in musicians.

One of Hungry Robot’s notable offerings is The Wash, a reverb pedal celebrated for its lush, ambient soundscapes and intuitive controls. The Wash allows guitarists to sculpt rich, immersive reverberations, making it a favorite among ambient and experimental musicians.

In addition to The Wash, Hungry Robot offers a variety of other pedals, each with its own distinct sonic personality. Whether it’s the warm modulation of the Starlite V2, the gritty fuzz of the Hungry Robot, or the ethereal delay of the El Castillo, Hungry Robot pedals provide guitarists with a wide range of expressive tools.

With its dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and sonic excellence, Hungry Robot continues to be a respected name in the boutique pedal industry, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic landscapes and push the boundaries of their creativity.

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