Guyatone is a Japanese musical instrument company with a rich history dating back to 1933. Originally known for producing accordions and electronic organs, Guyatone expanded into guitar manufacturing and eventually became renowned for its guitar effects pedals and amplifiers.

In the realm of guitar pedals, Guyatone has produced a wide range of effects units, including overdrive, distortion, fuzz, modulation, delay, and reverb pedals. These pedals have been favored by musicians for their reliability, affordability, and unique tones.

One of Guyatone’s most iconic pedals is the PS-3 Phase Shifter, which became popular for its lush and swirling modulation effects. Additionally, the Guyatone Micro Series gained attention for its compact size and impressive sound quality, offering guitarists a convenient and versatile solution for their pedalboard setups.

While Guyatone pedals were highly regarded during their production, the company ceased manufacturing guitar pedals in the mid-2000s. However, vintage Guyatone pedals remain sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their distinctive tones and historical significance in the world of guitar effects.

In recent years, Guyatone has refocused its efforts on producing musical instruments and accessories, including guitars, basses, and amplifiers. Though no longer actively producing guitar pedals, Guyatone’s legacy continues to influence musicians and pedal enthusiasts worldwide.

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