Fishman is a leading manufacturer of acoustic amplification products, including pickups, preamps, and amplifiers, known for their innovative designs and high-quality sound. Founded in 1981 by Larry Fishman, the company has established itself as a trusted name in the acoustic music industry, providing musicians with tools to amplify and enhance the natural sound of acoustic instruments.

Among Fishman’s product lineup, their acoustic guitar pickups stand out as some of the most popular and widely used in the world. From under-saddle pickups to soundhole pickups and microphone systems, Fishman pickups are known for their clear, natural sound and reliable performance, making them a top choice for acoustic guitarists in all genres.

In addition to pickups, Fishman produces a variety of acoustic guitar preamps and onboard electronics, such as the popular Fishman Aura Imaging Pedals and the Fishman Prefix series, which offer versatile tone shaping and feedback control options for live performance and recording.

With a dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Fishman continues to be a trusted choice for musicians seeking premium acoustic amplification solutions, providing reliable tools to help musicians amplify and enhance the natural sound of their instruments.

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