Chase Bliss Audio

Chase Bliss Audio is a boutique pedal company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, known for its innovative and highly customizable effects pedals. Founded by Joel Korte in 2013, Chase Bliss Audio has quickly gained acclaim for its unique approach to pedal design and engineering.

One of the hallmark features of Chase Bliss Audio pedals is their incorporation of digital control and analog circuitry, allowing for unprecedented levels of flexibility and control over the pedal’s parameters. Each pedal features a wealth of knobs, switches, and expression pedal inputs, enabling musicians to sculpt and manipulate their tone in intricate detail.

Chase Bliss Audio offers a diverse lineup of effects pedals, including overdrive, distortion, delay, modulation, and more. One of their most notable creations is the Warped Vinyl, a vibrato/chorus pedal known for its lush, organic modulation tones and extensive parameter control.

In addition to their commitment to sonic innovation, Chase Bliss Audio is also dedicated to using high-quality components and handcrafted construction techniques to ensure the utmost reliability and performance of their pedals.

Chase Bliss Audio pedals have garnered widespread praise from musicians and reviewers for their versatility, build quality, and sonic excellence. They are favored by players across various genres seeking unique and inspiring effects to enhance their musical creativity.

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