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Cesar Diaz

Cesar Diaz was a highly respected guitar technician and amplifier builder renowned for his work with some of the most influential musicians in rock and blues history. Born in Mexico, Diaz moved to the United States and began his career as a guitar repairman, eventually gaining recognition for his exceptional skills and expertise.

Diaz became known for his close association with Stevie Ray Vaughan, serving as Vaughan’s guitar tech and later collaborating on amplifier designs. He played a crucial role in shaping Vaughan’s iconic tone and was responsible for maintaining and modifying Vaughan’s amplifiers and guitars.

In addition to his work with Vaughan, Diaz also worked with numerous other prominent musicians, including Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, and Neil Young, among others. He gained a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to fine-tune amplifiers and guitars to suit the specific needs and preferences of each artist.

In the late 1980s, Diaz founded his own company, Cesar Diaz Amplification, where he produced a line of amplifiers and effects pedals. His amplifiers, in particular, were highly regarded for their vintage-inspired tones and exceptional build quality.

Tragically, Cesar Diaz passed away in 2002, but his legacy continues to live on through his contributions to the world of guitar amplification and his lasting impact on the music industry. His amplifiers and effects pedals remain sought after by musicians and collectors alike, cherished for their exceptional craftsmanship and legendary tone.

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