Blackstar Amplification is a British manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and effects pedals, known for their innovative designs, versatile tones, and high-quality sound. Founded in 2004 by Ian Robinson and Bruce Keir, both former Marshall Amplification employees, Blackstar has quickly gained recognition and popularity among guitarists worldwide.

Blackstar’s product lineup includes a wide range of guitar amplifiers, ranging from compact practice amps to powerful high-gain heads and combo amps. One of their notable series is the HT (Venue Series), which combines tube-driven warmth with modern features like built-in effects, USB connectivity, and versatile tone shaping options.

In addition to amplifiers, Blackstar produces a variety of effects pedals designed to complement their amplification systems. These pedals offer guitarists a range of tonal options, from classic overdrive and distortion to modulation and delay effects. The HT-Dual and HT-Delay pedals are particularly popular among players for their versatility and sound quality.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and performance, Blackstar continues to be a trusted name in the guitar amplifier industry, providing guitarists with reliable and versatile amplification solutions that deliver exceptional tone and performance in a variety of musical genres and settings.

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