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Boss SY-1 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer Pedal – New Boss Looper EQ Guitar Effect Pedal


Sensational synth sound. Made simple. The Boss SY-1 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer Pedal gives you a gigantic range of different synth voices to use – 121 to be precise. But you dont need to be an expert programmer to get the best out of this pedal. Because unlike other synth pedals its as straightforward to use as…

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The Boss SY-1 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer Pedal is in New condition and made by Boss , it is a great Looper EQ Guitar Effect Pedal – Sensational synth sound. Made simple. The Boss SY-1 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer Pedal gives you a gigantic range of different synth voices to use – 121 to be precise. But you dont need to be an expert programmer to get the best out of this pedal. Because unlike other synth pedals its as straightforward to use as a standard stompbox. That means finding your perfect synth voice is made completely easy.And aside from the the SY-1s hassle-free usability youre also spoiled for choice over the sounds you can create. With an extensive library of voices no synth tone will be off limits. All of those voices are polyphonic too. That means they work equally as well with chords as they do with individual notes. You can even use it with other pedals thanks to a parallel send and return loop. One pedal everything you need. . Available from Just Pedals for only £ 177 More choice than ever before Synth pedals dont usually offer you as much as the Boss SY-1. But then there arent many pedal makers out there who can cram such a huge range features into a single compact box. This excellently expressive pedal includes an enormous selection of 121 different synth sounds to choose from. Whether youre after analog synth tones layered chords lead arpeggios or full organ-like soundscapes – the SY-1 has got you covered. With such an immense amount on offer youll never need another synth pedal. Intuitive easy-to-use controls Achieving the perfect synth tone has long been a time-consuming often complicated process for guitarists. Many pedals on the market require extensive programming to create the right voice for your music and some even necessitate installing special pickups into your guitar. With the Boss SY-1 that isnt the case. Its been designed with usability in mind featuring an incredibly simple interface that makes it quick and easy to find your perfect tone. No stressful fiddling. No awkward setup. Just stunning synth sound from the moment you plug in. The best in performance Impressive synth effects are nothing if your audience cant hear them properly. So Boss have made sure the SY-1 is capable of delivering the absolute maximum in clarity and performance. With innovative latency-free operation you wont have to alter the way you play – the SY-1 will let you play freely and naturally. And every note will be crystal-clear. Thats not all. Every synth sound loaded into the SY-1 is polyphonic meaning you can use the pedal for both lead notes and rhythmic chord playing. A parallel send and return loop means you can easily use your other pedals alongside the SY-1 delivering even more tonal options. And real-time control including the “press and hold” function that lets you sustain the last synth note you played makes on-stage use a breeze. This is the ultimate addition to your pedalboard. Voices LEAD 1/2 – a wide range of sounds suitable for single-note soloing. PAD – full tones that work great with chords from layered pads to synth brass and more. BASS – fat synth bass sounds including filtered and sub-octave tones. STR – classic analog-style strings including layered voices and sweeping textures. ORGAN – a large selection of organ sounds including many with rotary-style modulation. BELL – percussive synth sounds with metallic resonance. SFX 1/2 – a variety of synth sound effects including explosive one-shot sounds animated pitch/filter voices and more. SEQ 1/2 – pulsating sounds with rhythmic pitch or filter changes. Specifications Model Name: Boss SY-1 Guitar/Bass Synthesizer Pedal Model Code: SY-1 Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu (Input Return) Input Impedance: 2.2 mOhms (Input Return) Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu (Output Send) Output Impedance: 1 kOhms (Output Send) Recommended Load Impedance: 10 kOhms or Greater Bypass: Buffered Bypass Controls: Pedal Switch GUITAR/BASS Switch TYPE Knob VARIATION Knob TONE Knob DEPTH Knob EFFECT Knob DIRECT Knob Connectors: INPUT Jack (0.25 Phone Type) OUTPUT Jack (0.25 Phone Type) SEND Jack (0.25 Phone Type) RETURN Jack (0.25 Phone Type) EXP/CTL Jack (Stereo 0.25 Phone Type) DC IN Jack Indicator: CHECK Indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator) Power Supply: Alkaline Battery (9V 6LR61) Current Draw: 85 mA Battery Life (Approx): 3 Hours Dimensions: 73mm x 129mm x 59mm Weight: 450g Accessories: Owners Manual Leaflet Alkaline Battery (9V)


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About Boss

We have one of the largest online selection of new and used Boss music gear. If you are looking for your next pedal, we will have it online at JustPedals with fast delivery direct to you at home. Every item on the JustPedal menu is delivered by sellers to all areas of the USA & UK.

Boss is a prominent manufacturer of guitar effects pedals, multi-effects units, and related musical equipment, known for their durability, reliability, and wide range of effects. Founded in 1973 as a division of the Roland Corporation, Boss quickly became synonymous with high-quality effects pedals that are popular among guitarists and musicians worldwide.

Boss pedals are renowned for their rugged construction, intuitive controls, and signature sound quality. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of effects pedals covering various categories, including distortion, overdrive, delay, modulation, and more. Iconic pedals like the DS-1 Distortion, the DS-2 Turbo Distortion, the DD-3 Digital Delay, and the MT-2 Metal Zone have become staples on countless pedalboards due to their versatility and reliability.

In addition to individual pedals, Boss also produces multi-effects units, loopers, tuners, and accessories designed to meet the needs of modern guitarists and musicians. Their multi-effects units, such as the GT-1000 series, offer a wide range of effects and amp modeling capabilities in a single unit, providing players with a compact and convenient solution for achieving a variety of tones.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to quality, Boss continues to be a trusted name in the world of guitar effects, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic possibilities and express themselves creatively.

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  • While Ed Sheeran primarily relies on the natural sound of his acoustic guitar and vocals, he occasionally uses EQ (Equalization) to shape and enhance his tone during live performances or in the studio. EQ pedals or onboard preamps can allow him to adjust the frequency response of his guitar signal to suit the acoustics of different venues or to achieve specific tonal characteristics. Here’s how EQ might be utilized in Ed Sheeran’s setup:

    1. **Tonal Shaping**: EQ can be used to adjust the balance of frequencies in the guitar signal, allowing Ed Sheeran to shape his tone to his liking. For example, he might boost the midrange frequencies to bring out the warmth and presence of his acoustic guitar, or cut certain frequencies to reduce any harshness or mud in the sound.

    2. **Feedback Control**: In a live setting, EQ can help control feedback by notching out problematic frequencies that might cause the guitar signal to feed back through the amplification system. This can be particularly useful when performing in venues with challenging acoustics or high volume levels.

    3. **Room Correction**: In situations where the venue’s acoustics are less than ideal, EQ can be used to compensate for any deficiencies in the sound. By adjusting the EQ settings, Ed Sheeran can tailor the guitar tone to sound more balanced and natural, regardless of the room’s acoustic properties.

    4. **Matching Gear**: EQ can also be used to match the tone of Ed Sheeran’s guitar to the sound of other instruments or equipment in his setup. For example, he might adjust the EQ to complement the tonal characteristics of his vocal microphone or to blend seamlessly with backing tracks or other instruments.

    Overall, while EQ may not be a central component of Ed Sheeran’s guitar effects setup, it can still play a valuable role in shaping his tone and ensuring that he achieves the desired sound in different performance environments. Whether used subtly for tonal shaping or more aggressively for feedback control, EQ allows Ed Sheeran to tailor his guitar tone to suit his musical vision and performance needs.

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  • Looper
  • A looper pedal is a versatile tool used by guitarists to record and playback musical phrases in real-time. It allows musicians to layer multiple parts, create loops, and build entire arrangements on the fly. Looper pedals come in various configurations and offer different features, but they typically include the following functionalities:

    1. **Recording**: A looper pedal enables users to record a musical phrase by pressing a dedicated footswitch. Once the recording is initiated, the pedal captures the incoming audio signal from the guitar or other instrument and loops it back continuously.

    2. **Playback**: After recording a loop, the looper pedal plays back the recorded audio continuously in a seamless loop. This allows musicians to accompany themselves or create layered arrangements by adding additional musical parts on top of the original loop.

    3. **Overdubbing**: In addition to recording and playing back loops, looper pedals often feature overdubbing functionality, which allows users to layer additional recordings on top of existing loops. Musicians can continuously add new musical parts to the loop, building up complex arrangements in real-time.

    4. **Undo/Redo**: Many looper pedals include an undo/redo function, which allows users to remove the last recorded overdub or restore it if needed. This feature provides flexibility and allows for experimentation during live performances or recording sessions.

    5. **Stop/Clear**: Looper pedals typically include a stop/clear footswitch that allows users to stop playback and clear the recorded loop from memory. This enables musicians to start fresh with a new recording or transition to a different musical section during a performance.

    6. **Loop Length Control**: Some advanced looper pedals offer the ability to control the length of the recorded loop. Users can specify the length of the loop in measures or seconds, allowing for precise control over the timing and structure of the looped arrangement.

    7. **Built-in Effects**: Some looper pedals feature built-in effects such as reverse playback, half-speed playback, or pitch shifting, which can add creative possibilities and sonic experimentation to the looping process.

    Looper pedals are widely used by guitarists and other musicians for various applications, including live performance, songwriting, practice sessions, and studio recording. They provide a convenient and intuitive way to create, layer, and manipulate musical ideas in real-time, making them an essential tool for creative expression and musical exploration.

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